Sunday, April 24, 2011

8th entry for May'11 VoM

For our 8th video of the month, we have Weihan. We all know what a great cheerleader this guy is already, and he continues to wow us all again with this tick tock pop over. You made it look damn easy too. Any tips for the bases in SG?

7th entry for May'11 VoM

The 7th entry for May Vom is by Eugene. It is a video on almost the complete series of Tick Tocks; High High, Low High, High Low High. Great video to showcase your skills and all the different variations of tick tocks. Maybe you can try to do the 3 series in 1 single take in future. =)

6th entry for May'11 VoM

6th video entry for May VoM is again by Kerry and tagged by Ochi. This time it is the tryout video for Hann Bin. I believed I have said this many times before, but I will say this again, Hann Bin is the cheerleader to watch in future. This guys had only joined cheerleading for less than a year and he had already achieved so much in terms of skills. And even after achieving so much, Hann Bin's still has great undiscovered potential, always showing me something new each time I see him. His drive to succeed is what makes him progress so quickly; he always believes in learning as many things at the same time, and catching up with everyone as quickly as possible. Jiayou for Team Singapore.

5th entry for May'11 VoM

The 5th video entry for May VoM is again by Kerry and tagged by Ochi. Another of Team Singapore tryouts video, this time of Jasmine. Amazing tryout by Jasmine, ROBHBT, B Toss layout fulls, full ups pyramids as top and mid, rewind, full ups, full around, double down for partner stunts. Simply awesome, definitely the most all rounded female cheerleader I have seen in SG so far, and not only that, you possessed a wonderful personality to go with all that skills, very nice and friendly, humble and encouraging. This tryout video will also be one of your fondest memory you can take away from cheerleading. You will make SG cheer proud on the mats. Jiayou.

4th entry for May'11 VoM

The 4th entry for May VoM is by Kerry and tagged by Ochi. This is the tryout video of Harlis for Team Singapore. Harlis though you did not make the team at the end, we are all very proud of you for your efforts and dedication to SG cheerleading. You took the first step out and I am sure you will inspire many more cheerleaders in future to come forward, when SG cheer needs you all the most. And you definitely had 1 of the best partner Stunt try out sequence during the tryouts and hitting it on both tries.

3rd entry for May'11 VoM

A video by Wee Keat for our 3rd entry for May VoM. It is a video about NTU Hall 13 Team Spectrum Cheerleading. It shows the trainings, failures and then the success of Spectrum in NTU HO 2011. I love the dancing at the end of the video, you guys have very good dancers. Spectrum has definitely come a long way since my time when I was still competing in HO. Jiayou guys and continue to cheer.

2nd entry for May'11 VoM

The 2nd video entry for May VoM is by Neville and tagged by Jiahui. If you guys are wondering why is it YIA, it is a name coined by Neville based on the position the flyer goes through. Good job Astros, you all made it look simple, will hope to see it in our performance soon.

1st entry for May'11 VoM

The 1st entry for May VoM is by Candy from Wildcards. It is a video on her FHS up with Weihoe. It has such great height in it, the best FHS up I have seen done by our very own SG cheerleaders. Both of you have improved so much over the past few years. Weihoe has definitely grew much bigger and stronger since we first met, all the hardwork in the gym paid off; and I can say that Candy has also grown alot as a flyer and starting to inspire many new flyers out there. Thanks for the tips and help in the FHS up too. Hope to see the 2 of you stay in cheer for long time to come and continue doing amazing stuff.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

XWonder SNCC 2011 Routine

Some memories to keep.

P.S: Watching this video again just makes me feel the pain again once more.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guest Blogger

As I move on in my life, there are more and more things I need to handle and deal with. But time remains at 24hrs each day, as a result, I get more and more things to do in "less and less time".

That is why I had been blogging much less nowadays, or I will wait till I am more free to blog and usually posting up a few post at a time when I am free. It is not easy for me to maintain X-Wonder blog on a daily basis now.

Therefore to counter this and bring more activity to the blog, I came up with an idea - Why not invite more contributors to post on the blog? I believe this blog can become a platform, or even a "forum" of some sorts. Interested cheerleaders might want to leverage on it and share their ideas to others.

Now, after some discussions, let us welcome Ken Lim from Wildcards to be our first guest contributor of X-Wonder blog. From today onwards, other than myself and Snow, you will also be seeing Ken posting on this website. I hope that by doing so there can be more activity on this site, and also to allow even more sharing and discussion to everyone in the cheerleading community.

P.S: If anyone is interested to be a contributor on this site, feel free to contact me and we can discuss about it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank you Xuewei


Actually I wanted to thank you in the previous long post on Alpha, but I think it is more fitting of me to dedicate a post by itself to you. Of everyone I thank for helping me out in my 1st year together with Alpha, you are the only 1 that I can never thank enough of.

Thanks for coaching together with me and helping me out when I am not around. Thank you for the late nights you had to put in while doing so and still had to wake up early in the morning for work. Thank you for sacrificing our weekends afternoons for going out and watched videos with me and planning for Alpha routine instead. Thank you for going through tons of videos taken during training and analysing them with me to come up with the timings and how to improve on it. Thank you for being there to remind me whenever I lose sight of the bigger picture. Thank you for always being my "opposition" so that I can be much more sure of my ideas and plans. Thank you for just being by my side even when things go wrong. Thank you for all the advice and suggestions you helped me come up with. And I probably can never thank you enough for me.

For Alpha, I also thank you for everything that you have given to Alpha, the tips, advice and motivation you gave to the team, the inspiration you gave to the flyers and the push you gave to the bases. Thank you for sharing your experiences with them. And I thank you for helping out Alpha in times of crisis and needs. On behalf of Alpha, I thank you too for so readily agreeing to be their replacement flyer with less than 2 hours notice, even though at the end it was not required. You are more than a coach to Alpha, you are their friend and someone they can rely on in difficult times.

Xuewei, you are truely an exceptional flyer, and even to date, after not training competitively for more than 3 years. Till now, it still amazes me how you go up to the mats, performed in place of Alice, and makes it felt like you had been doing that role for a long time, even though you only had half an hour to go through the stunts and timings. It was the first time you even attempted some of the stunts like toss up trophy and swedish falls to gladiator transition. You really left me in awe and totally impressed as I watch you doing the routine. You simply captivated the crowd; they were cheering you on so loudly and you even left some people in tears from that performance. I can uderstand a base going out to replace someone in the last minute, but it definitely takes some guts and confidence for a flyer to do that. And then having to learn the dance in an hour, simply respect. Watching you trained so hard and non stop dancing for an hour almost made my eyes well up in tears. For that I really owe it to you.

We have some pictures to remember the amazing performance you put up, a pity there is no video of that performance.

Never in the history of Singapore cheerleading since I started cheering, did I witness something like this - a flyer coming up to replace another in such short notice and totally captivated the crowd. You created history again even when you did not intend to. You are truely forever a legend of Singapore cheerleading. Thank you so much.

Alpha Verve - SNCC 2011

You know I should have posted this entry like few weeks ago, but it's either I had been real busy or had been procrastinating. I would just want to write down some of my thoughts and feelings I had for SNCC with Alpha and also for the past 1 year.

I had been coaching for more than 5 years now, but this is my first year as a coach for a team participating in Nationals, as the coach of Alpha Verve. I took up coaching Alpha Verve last year in May 2010. I have to admit that in the beginning, I was nervous, as I would be meeting new people, and being in a new environment and different culture; as compared to when I was coaching my Hall for HO and when I was in my previous team ACES. 2010 was also the year that had been very significant for me, the year that I decided to do something about my life, to change myself for the better and to get out of my comfort zone. For that reason, I decided to go ahead and take up coaching Alpha Verve, to step out of my comfort zone and to bring value to more people. I am very glad that I did that.

When I took up coaching Alpha, the players were mostly fresh, or with 1 year of experience. It was the year that many of the seniors that had been with Alpha for the past 3 to 4 years graduated. I knew that alot of work had to be done. We did lots of basics in the beginning, correcting the fundamentals, so that the seniors, when the freshmen comes in, can teach and demostrate the proper techniques of cheerleading and educate the freshmen as efficiently as posible. It is worth it, the basis training is what allowed them to pick up more advance skills as they move on, and also for the juniors and freshies to catch up quickly.

Something that I really loved about Alpha Verve is their organization. They had a very well formed committee led by their captain Terence that managed the team very well. I never had to worry about anything other then to focus purely on coaching them and playing an advisory role. The team was very disciplined; other than captain Terence, they had many good leaders such as Joseph and Liyuan who takes charge of the warmups and helping me to keep the team organised and motivated during trainings. Every other members as well also played their role from logistics (Congren), uniforms (Elaine), banner designing (Eng Meng), liasing for performances (Weiting) and of course everyone else for working so hard on the mats. Another group of very important people also are the seniors, or Avatars as they call it, who came back to help out and guide the team, esp Biyi, Nigel, Jane and Jiayi. The seniors are the beacon of light for the juniors, to guide them whenever they are lost or in doubt.

With all these help from the managing committee and Avatars, we were able to conduct training efficiently most of the times. And soon after the sports awards performance, everyone is able to reach a same level and stardard; the freshies and juniors were able to catch up sufficiently to start training together with the seniors for Nationals. Of course during this period we also had to face some dropouts as well due to various reasons, mostly studies and time commitment issues. But nevertheless, everyone was still there supporting each other, as a family and working towards our common goal set at the start; though sometimes it takes some reminders to remind them what their goal was and to realign everyone.

And now to fast forward a bit nearer to Nationals. Every team has their own difficulties and problems they need to overcome, for us it was injuries and confidence issues. Just less than a month away from Nationals, we had to source very hard to find replacement for our flyers down. I would like to thank Terence and Joseph especially for looking around so hard and trying their very best to get replacements. Also a big thanks to Jiayi for coming back to help out in the team in such short notice. The seniors really had a big part to play for this nationals. I would also like to thank Jane Lee, even though you are not formerly from Alpha, but you came down and helped despite not knowing everyone except Alice. I would also like to thank Wildcards, especially Chaang, Gary, Ochi and Hann Bin for providing me with suggestions and accompanying through this difficult period; and also for all your help during the trainings. Thank you Jon for the wonderful music and redbull jellies too.

When everything seemed good to go, everyone was in good spirits, then just 3 days before SNCC 2011, Alice fractured her finger. Again we had to source high and low for solutions and contingencies. This time round it was even more desperate than before and I almost could not sleep because of that. After a day of scare and worrying, fortunately for Alpha, we got ourselves a very strong flyer in Alice and she decided to continue with heavily bandaged fingers and enduring through the pain.

Now when the day of SNCC arrived, it was as if the drama never ends, Alice fell from split mount during our final all out rehearsal and injured her shoulder. She was sent to the hospital with only 2 hours left to competition. Again we had to find a contingency and with only 2 hours to go, we had no other option, but to ask Xuewei to stand in for Alice, for only she knows Alpha routine inside out. Alice fell was really looking pretty bad and serious, I never thought she would be able to make it. But with only about an hour to go, Alice proved to us all again what a strong flyer she was. She came back with tears in her eyes when I saw her, but still made the decision to go out there and compete despite the pain and truama she had been through just hours ago. Let's not forget that Alice is already fighting the pain from her fractured fingers and now this. For this, I had to commend Alice and if there was a best cheerleader award for SNCC, it definitely has to go to her for her perserverance and courage. Alice you definitely showed everyone out there what a cheerleader is about, and for giving everything for what you want to do most.

Finally Alpha took to the mats and performed their best ever routine, despite a fall right at the end. The rush of emotions immediately afterwards was almost indescripable. It felt like relieve, happiness and some minor dissapointment (for the last fall) all rolled into 1, but majority of it being happy and really glad that everyone did their best out there. After the performance, many came over to us and congratulate us and said that this was the best ever routine Alpha Verve put up in Nationals. This acknowledgement really means alot to me and the team.

Something most important that I learnt from this experience of coaching Alpha for 1 year is that, never expect everything to be smooth sailing. And as a coach, a leader of the team, you must never be defeated no matter the situation, you are their source of support and direction. I learnt to be strong in the face of adversity, this lesson I will never forget. Though let's hope that after all these, Alpha can have a ever better year ahead.

I shall leave you guys with some photos taken during Alpha's best ever performance.

P.S: Alpha, we are better than ever!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Singapore’s Cheerleading National Team

We are finally going to have our very own Singapore National Team under FCS. It took great efforts on FCS part, sorting out and overcoming all the diffculties such as funding, venue and coaches. And I am really very excited about it.

Singapore cheerleading has definitely grown over the past few years, standards rising every year and we are seeing more and more cheerleaders joining the sport as well. However that is just locally, and I believe that if we can gather all the best cheerleaders in Singapore to form the national team, we can do very well on the international level as well.

Singapore definitely has what it takes to give the regional power houses like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand etc a good run for their money if we have the support and contribution of every cheerleader and their teams. Imagine a routine that is on par with the routines that the power houses had been showing to us over the past years. Those routines are definitely within our means if we can pull our strengths and resources together.

Representing your country is an honour and a huge privilege, to show the world the best Singapore can offer and also to compete with the best in the world. Definitely the road might not be easy, sacrifices had to be made, which all cheerleaders should have been well aware of by now. Singapore National team is a new initiative and we might not fully know all the difficulties it may face, what difficulties a player may face, such as time management of individuals from all walks of lives and also other logistical issues and funding issues. However all these can be overcome together, as you overcome the problems your team faces in the past, as long as we all take the first step out of our comfort zone, be willing to sacrifice for Singapore cheerleading, no problem is too big to handle.

I sincerely hope that every cheerleader and teams out there to support Team Singapore Cheerleading all the way. Firstly for those who meet the tryout criteria for the national team, I urge you all to attend the tryouts conducted by FCS this weekend. There is no need to think too much of whatever problems or difficulties you may face in future first if you do not even take the first step out, which is to go for the tryouts. Do not worry about your skills too, often people are better than how they would see themselves to be, let the coaches decide. Go for the tryout first, take 1 step at a time. A journey always starts with the first step. When presented with something new, winners always think of the opportunities and losers think only of the difficulties.

The day I am waiting for is finally coming soon, let's all show the world what Singapore cheerleading can be.

P.S: For more details about the national team and criteria pls check FCS website

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Video of the Month April '11

VoM's 1st anniversary and also video of the Month April'11, we 10 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Ruth
2. Video by Kerry
3. Video by Felicia
4. Video by Kerry and tagged by Jiahui
5. Video by Karen and tagged by Jay
6. Video by Vincent and tagged by Yvonne
7. Video by Wenjie and tagged by Harlis
8. Video by Perle
9. Video by Perle
10. Video by Perle and tagged by Ochi

10 entries in all, a record for VoM, the most entries to date so far. Such a feat is so fitting for this month; This month, April, is also the 1 year anniverary of VoM. Time has past so quickly and 1 year ago, we gave out our first prizes, VoM is now 1 years old. I sincerely thank everyone who had supported VoM for our inaugural year, where a total of 66 entries and $718. had been given out in total. And to add to that total, celebrating VoM's 1 year anniversary, we have decided to give out "special prizes" this month.

So what's the special prizes? This month, other the the winner, we decided to give out 3 more prizes (just like last year during our first month) in no order of merit. So how much? Winner will win $80 and the 3 other prizes of $40 each for a total of $200 this month.

I am very glad that we got so many entries this month, even without announcing the "special prizes" give away in the beginning. Thanks for all the support and please continue to support; and as I promised in the beginning, prizes will go up anytime without notice. With 10 entries this month, and so many awesome ones, I am having a real headache to decide the winner. Only after watching the videos over and over again, that I can finally came to a conclusion. So the winner of the VoM April'11, on our 1st year anniversay, for the prize of $80 goes to.......

The video by Vincent (tagged by Yvonne) on their group stunt journey to SNCC 2011.

This video showed how they hard trained, how they overcome lack of venue, and even mixed their own music and made their own uniforms. They do not even have a coach to teach them and help them give countings that they had to record their own voice. It really sums up how their passion for cheer, desire to compete overcomes everything. Compared to establised teams in cheerleading, Vincent and friends had no funding, no resources, no coach, no venue; I know how important those are, and for them to do it without those, is really no easy feat. It was really hard to come up with the winner for VoM this month, and you guys deserved it. Hope that it can be a small motivation to all of you, keep cheering.

Vincent and Yvonne you won yourselves $80.

Alright now it is also time to announce our 3 other special prizes, in no order of merit. This being the 1st year anniversary of VoM, and also not only with the number of entries, but also the quality of the entries, I decided to increase the total amount of prizes for this month. I really had a long and hard time deciding on the winner, but I also want to reward the others for putting in so much effort as they are all very well done, so I increased the number of prizes for this month.

Again in no order of merit, the 3 winners for the special prizes are:

Firstly Felicia from Wildcards for this video on Wildcards SNCC 2011 journey.

Once again, a very heart touching video of Wildcards, detailing the sweat, blood and tears along the way to SNCC 2011. Congrats to Felicia once again and you won yourself $40.

For the next $40 it goes to the video posted by Karen (tagged by Jay) from Legacy for their video.

Another 1 of the video showing the road to SNCC 2011. What I liked most about this video is some of the effects used in it (like the fast forwarding effect), the way parts of the video was filmed (the lip sycning to the song). Congrats to Karen and Jay and you won yourselves $40.

And for the last winner of the special prize, it goes to Wenjie (tagged by Harlis) for their video detailing Denvers journey and also as a promotional video for their recruitment drive for the upcoming seasion.

Denvers Cheerleading Team, the only open category team to joined both SNCC and SEACO, and the video depicts down the journey wonderfully with sniplets of training and also of the competition. With this, it sums up VoM April'11 and also brings a sort of a closure to Nationals 2011 and everyone let's work hard for 2012. Congrats to Wenjie and Harlis and you won yourselves $40.

A big round of applause to everyone, everyone who submitted the entries and also to the winners, not only this month, but for the entire year of support. Do continue to support VoM and contribute to SG cheer.

P.S: VoM 1st year anniversary, April'11 is a great day to remember and it is not possible without everyone's support.

Blog Post of the Month April '11

We have a total of 3 entries for BPoM April and they are:

1. Blogged by Felicia and tagged by Jen
2. Blogged by Jaime and tagged by Jay
3. Blogged by Nellie and tagged by Huishan

As Nationals 2011 was just over few weeks back, all the post were about nationals. For this month, it is also the 1 year anniversary since VoM was introduced, to commemorate the the occassion, special prizes totalling $200 was given out. As BPoM is a partner initiative with VoM, Chaang is awarding prizes dollar for dollar of VoM. So this month, the winner of BPoM April'11 will stand to walk away with $200.

So with such a great prize, everyone should be excited about who the winner will go to right? And the winner of BPoM April'11 goes to.... The post by Nellie (tagged by Huishan)"THANK YOU EVERYONE ♥". Congratulations Nellie for the wonderful post and Huishan for tagging, you have won yourselves the total prize of $200.

Nellie's Blog Post: THANK YOU EVERYONE ♥

Wonderful post by Nellie on Nationals and also her 6 years of cheerleading career. Lots of effort put into it too. It is a reminder for all cheerleaders to be grateful for what they have gotten out of cheerleading so far.

Comments by Chaang:

"Nellie has definitely put in a lot of effort in this particular entry.
She has endeavored to thank every single individual that has helped
shaped her cheer career for the past 5+ years, and has also shared with
all cheerleaders that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Cheerleading is a sport that requires sacrifice. And it is with that
sacrifice that we learn to treasure everybody and everything that has
made who we are possible!

I am very proud to be Nellie's coach for the past 5 years. ^^


Congratulations once again Nellie and Huishan, see you soon to get your prize. =)

P.S: Thanks for everyone's support and pls continue to support BPoM and VoM. From time to time, prizes will go up again in future, so be sure not to miss it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

BPoM March'11 Prize Presentation

The winner for BPoM March is by Stanley from Team Seven. He won himself $60; extra 20% for blogging about NTU HO 2011.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

10th entry for April VoM

Another video entry for April VoM is a video posted by Perle and tagged by Ochi. A video of Biyi doing a basket toss double full layout. This is probably the first ever attempt in Singapore for a double full basket. Jiayou Biyi and bases, I am sure you guys can perfect it even better your next try.

P.S: This is the 10th VoM entry, a new record for our 1st year anniversary of VoM. The most number of entries in a month. We have few months that came close to 10 before (9 entries - June & November), but we hit 10th this month. Thanks to all the support over the past year.

9th entry for April VoM

The 9th video for April VoM is by Perle once more. It is a video showing a basket toss by Xuewei as the flyer executing a pike open. I really have to give it to Xuewei for her ability and love for doing basket tosses, and attempting tosses which she had stopped training since 2008.

8th entry for April VoM

A video taken, posted and tagged by Perle of Jasmine's and Gary's Championship winning SNCC 2011 Partner Stunt ASU video during training. Congratulations to Gary and Jasmine once again. You 2 proved to everyone that you are the best in Singapore. Looking forward to lots more from the 2. Jiayou. And of course thanks to Perle for uploading it and sharing with everyone for VoM. Cheers

7th entry for April VoM

For our 7th entry of this month we have a video by Denvers Cheerleading Team, done by Wenjie. It was originally submitted by Harlis here(Note to all pls tagged me in the video itself for an entry. Thank you).

Video entry for VoM these days looks very professionally done and this video definitely is among one of them, very well edited and themed very nicely. This is a video on their journey this seasion and also a part promotional/ recruitment video. The video starts off showing Denvers trying out different stunts and pyramids some which they did not use in the end, It also showed sniplets of Denvers during SNCC and SEACO.

Congrats Denvers for their achievements this season and we are looking forward to more in future. For those interested to join Denvers, contact them (website above).

BPoM 3rd entry for April'11

The 3rd BPoM entry for April - THANK YOU EVERYONE ♥ by Nellie and thanks Huishan for tagging it, and you can find the original FB post with all the comments here.

After every Nationals, everyone will have many emotions and people they want to thank. Nellie, who has been doing cheerleading for 6 years, posted this long entry to thank people who has helped her along this 6 years of her cheerleading career. I have to commend Nellie for this post, it was really full of effort and she took time from her school projects for this. The post is written full of feelings too and I am sure everyone whom you thanked can feel what you saying to them in their hearts, and for every single one of them whom have touched you in this 6 years; I am sure you have touched them too in their cheerleading life. I thank you Nellie, and on behalf of everyone too. Nellie you too made an impact to me, and cheerleaders like you are what keeps me going on in the pursuit of cheerleading. Am I now the 4th base to toss cupie you? haha. Thanks for stunting with me.

Even if the post was not addressed to any of you reading this, I think Nellie's post still makes a very good read and you can get lot's of insights into the lives of a cheerleader, of a Wildcards cheerleader and most of all of Nellie as a cheerleader. Let's celebrate being a cheerleader together and of everything cheerleading has given us. Once a cheerleader always a cheerleader.

Check out the post by Nellie and tagged by Huishan: 3rd BPoM April entry or here