Sunday, April 3, 2011

7th entry for April VoM

For our 7th entry of this month we have a video by Denvers Cheerleading Team, done by Wenjie. It was originally submitted by Harlis here(Note to all pls tagged me in the video itself for an entry. Thank you).

Video entry for VoM these days looks very professionally done and this video definitely is among one of them, very well edited and themed very nicely. This is a video on their journey this seasion and also a part promotional/ recruitment video. The video starts off showing Denvers trying out different stunts and pyramids some which they did not use in the end, It also showed sniplets of Denvers during SNCC and SEACO.

Congrats Denvers for their achievements this season and we are looking forward to more in future. For those interested to join Denvers, contact them (website above).

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