Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5th entry for June'11 VoM

The 5th video entry for June VoM is by YQ from Denvers. The video is taken during 1 of YQ and BB's photo shoot for their wedding if I not wrong. Everyone was dress beautifully in matching colours for this. And as mentioned by YQ, this is probably the 1st time a group of cheerleaders had done something like this, doing a routine in gowns and jeans. Really like what you had been doing for your wedding; the website, the photo and video shoots. Glad that everyone is very happy.

Monday, May 23, 2011

BPoM 1st entry for June'11

The 1st entry of BPOM June is by Sky and Elizabeth, and tagged by Ochi. Titled "*♥Our Love Story♥*", a very sweet and touching post to read. Another pair of cheerleading couple in Singapore to be getting married, and I believe they are also 1 of the longest pair too, starting in 2001 (I wasn't even in cheer yet then). Though most of the post was about the 2 of them and nothing much about cheerleading, I feel that they are very good example and testament for all cheerleading couples out there; how they withstood the test of time and hardships

"This relationship may be nice and sweet just by reading it but there were a lot of barriers and obstacles that both of them went through and it is really not easy to maintain a relationship without communication and understanding with each other. They got closer and became more understanding and loving after every argument they had. Until now, after being together since 2001, their love for each other have become deeper and still on going..." - Sky and Elizabeth

Check out the post by Sky and Elizabeth: 1st BPoM June entry or here

4th entry for June'11 VoM

The 4th entry for June VoM is by Valerie and tagged by Celine from TP Blazers. It is a video of 1 of Blazers open house performance. Very nice routine done, energetic and fun. Keep up the spirit and enjoy even moment you can.

3rd entry for June'11 VoM

A video by Valerie and tagged by Celine from TP Blazers for our 3rd entry for June VoM. Thanks Celine and Valerie for the support for VoM, even though I do not know you guys yet, but I am sure I will in future. It is a video that shows TP Blazers training in the gymnasium for their gymnastics. It started off with them on the train after gymnastics training, talking about how tired they are and muscles aching, showing some little injuries that they endured through, and even figured out a way to earn some money so they can go for more gymnastics lessons. I must really applaued their hardwork, and travelling from 1 end of the island to the other (TP is in the extreme east and Bazgym is in the extreme west).

Some really great stuff I see you guys doing in the gym too, and to do 18 back tucks in a row is no easy feat. You guys are great and doing very well, hope to see even better stuff from you guys soon.

2nd entry for June'11 VoM

2nd entry for June VoM is by Kelvin once more. It is another of his rewind video with Jiahui. I would have to say that KC and JH are getting very consistent with their rewind now; the most consistent pair I have seen so far, hitting 8 out of every 10 attempts. Rewind cupie coming soon. Jiayou man.

1st entry for June'11 VoM

The 1st entry for June VoM is by Kelvin from Astros. It is a video showing his rewind with Jiahui. Well done, and great pop down too. =)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

BPoM April'11 Prize Presentation

The winner for BPoM April is by Nellie (tagged by Huishan). The record prize for BPoM is broken again and now it stands at $200. Congratulations Nellie once again.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video of the Month May '11

For VoM's video of the Month May'11, we 9 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Candy
2. Video by Neville tagged by Jiahui
3. Video by Wee Keat
4. Video by Kerry and tagged by Ochi
5. Video by Kerry and tagged by Ochi
6. Video by Kerry and tagged by Ochi
7. Video by Eugene
8. Video by Weihan
9. Video by Jasmine tagged by Ochi

Another month of solid entries from everyone; 9 entries in all. Once again I thank everyone who had supported VoM. Really pardon me if I kept you guys waiting for the winner of VoM May.

And so for the winner of the VoM May'11, we have.......

The video by Eugene on the various different skills involving Tick Tocks.

Great job Eugene. To be able to do a single tick tock by itself is not easy, and you can do almost every variation there is. Applause for the effort in documenting down the various different ways too, providing a "one stop" video, where everyone who wants to learn more can watch it

Eugene you won yourself $50.

Continue to support VoM.

P.S: Winners of April VoM, sorry for the delay in presenting the prizes to you. Will be contacting you all.

Blog Post of the Month May '11

There is no entry for BPoM May, hence the prize of $50 will be carried forward to the next month, BPoM June, making the prize of the winning entry post for BPoM June $100.

Pls continue to support cheer through blogging and stand the chance to win prizes.

9th entry for May'11 VoM

The 9th video for May VoM is by Jasmine and tagged by Ochi. It is a video showing a basket toss by Biyi, attempting probably the 1st ever double full layout in SG. Biyi has really grown to become a great cheerleader since I met her during the early days of her cheerleading career. Double full layout, simply impressive.