Thursday, January 26, 2012

4th entry for February'12 VoM

The 4th entry for January VoM is by Karen again and tagged by Andra. Another wonderful video showing LIONS group stunt team in CAIO 2011. I especially loved the way the video started off and also the ending. This video showed many random clips of them having fun in Japan, some training clips and most importantly showed their spirit and bonding as a team. Hope to see more of LIONS in 2012. Jiayou

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3rd entry for February'12 VoM

A video by Karen from Legacy and tagged by Fairul for our 3rd entry for February VoM. A fantastic video done on Lions ATCI 2011 Journey. As the video said, it showed their obstacles, the off days and the pain of forming a team to go for a competition. But in the end their conquered and fight and put up a excellent show at ATCI. Forming a cheerleading team was never simple, and to form a National team with players coming from all different background is even tougher; and LIONS did it. Many thanks to all the players for all the sacrifices, the coaches for their guidance and FCS for all the support and making it possible to showcase Singapore cheerleading on the world stage. Looking forward to see LIONS in action again in 2012.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2nd entry for February'12 VoM

2nd entry for February VoM is by Celine of TP Blazers. Another 1 of the compilation of videos of Blazers training. I have to say that each time I see their videos, they improved alot. Some piecing up of pyramid transitions, full ups, nice gymnastics and lots of improvement in partner stunting can be seen in the video. Looking forward to seeing Blazers putting up a great performance in Nationals next month.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1st entry for February'12 VoM

The 1st entry for February VoM is by Gary from Blazers. Full up to hands, Liberty and cupie with Jasmine also from Blazers. Gary indeed proved to ever one that size does not matter, not if you have the determination to succeed and improve. Good job guys, jiayou.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Video of the Month January '12

For VoM's video of the Month January'12, we 4 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Fairul
2. Video by Clement
3. Video by Janyce
4. Video by Janyce

A total of 4 entries in all. Pardon me again for the late post.

And so for the winner of the VoM January'12, we have.......

The video by Janyce of the compilation of the highlights during alpha verve Annual Cheer Camp.

Really great effort by Janyce to do up this wonderful video of Alpha Verve Cheer Camp. Nice video to share with the cheerleading community.

Janyce you won yourself $50.

Continue to support VoM.

For those new to VoM, pls refer to this link: Video record, upload and tag to win $50 and more

Blog Post of the Month January '12

For BPoM January we have a total of 8 entries and they are:

1. Blogged by Andrew and tagged by Ochi
2. Blogged by Gary and tagged by Ochi
3. Blogged by MrsPotato and tagged by Ochi
4. Blogged by Yvonne and tagged by Ochi
5. Blogged by IloveCheerleading and tagged by Ochi
6. Blogged by Jaslyn and tagged by Ochi
7. Blogged by FCS and tagged by Ochi
8. Blogged by Ser Kun and tagged by Tze Swen

The winner for BPoM Jan'12 goes to the post titled,"One Big Family", written by HSer Kun and tagged by Tze Swen! As there are no entries for Dec'11 BPoM, the prize was rolled over to this month. Congratulations, you have won yourselves the prize of $100.

Ser Kun's Blog Post: One Big Family

Comments by Chaang:

"A very original and heartwarming entry that brings us behind the scenes of what makes a cheerleading team truly successful. Ser Kun has shown that life is indeed about choices; and the choice to make sacrifices by not just one, but by many individuals within a team that will ultimately contribute to a team where one can truly identify and associate themselves with.

人在做,天在看. When there is a genuine intention to make individual sacrifices to contribute to a common cause, you will feel it. Your team mates will feel it. It is precisely with this type of sacrifices that will make trainings meaningful. And yes, good morale can make or break a routine.

PS: If you are an individual guilty of skipping trainings when it is within your means not to, be reminded that such incidences will be back to haunt you eventually. You need to remember that you exist because of the team. The team does not exist because of you.


Congratulations once again to Ser Kun and Tze Swen for winning $100

For those new to BPoM, pls refer to this link: How to make $50 and more just by blogging!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BPoM November'11 Prize Presentation

Once again this is a little belated; the winner for BPoM November is by Hann Bin. He won himself $50. Congratulations.

For those new to BPoM, pls refer to this link: How to make $50 and more just by blogging!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BPoM 8th entry for January'12

The 8th entry of BPOM January is by Ser Kun and tagged by Tze Swen, both from NTU Hall 5 Vikings, for the post, "One Big Family". This is a post by Ser Kun sharing with us a few little incidents which makes him feel of "One Big Family"

Ser Kun is able to remember and related to even the smallest of details during training or after training. The encouragement given to him by his team mates, the exercises they did together and even small things like shifting the tables.

Shall end with a little something from Ser Kun to his team mates and one big family:

"=) it is really very heartwarming to be in such a big family in team Vikings…where everyone encourages everyone and works with everyone for everyone… hah thanks so much to everyone that has helped me in one way or another…


let’s continue to jiayous and work our best for the upcoming HO!!! We can do it!!! We can do it!!! We can do it!!!

Thanks Vikings Senior Mentor Chris and Lina for coming back to train us despite your busy work schedules too!!! =)"

Ser Kun

Check out Ser Kun's post below.

Check out the post by Ser Kun and tagged by Tze Swen: 8th BPoM January entry or here