Monday, December 12, 2011

BPoM 7th entry for January'12

The 7th entry of BPOM January is by FCS and tagged by Ochi. The post is about Team Lions journey in 2011. The post started with introduction of the members in Team Lions. I have to say that Team Lions was made up of the best of the best cheerleaders selected from the whole of Singapore. I too want to thanks every single one of them for volunteering their time to bring glory and pride to Singapore Cheerleading. Also the management team of FCS president and vice presidents deserved a very special mention for making all these possible, fulfilling the dreams of many cheerleaders along the way.

To read more about Team Lions journey, go to the links at the bottom of the post. Meanwhile I shall leave you all with a little something from the post:

"Yes, the world is not united in terms of cheerleading governance, but FCS will work hard to make sure that this will not happen in Singapore. We want every cheerleader to be able to train passionately, without needing to care about what’s going on in international cheer scene. " - FCS

Check out the post by FCS and tagged by Ochi: 7th BPoM January entry or here

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