Sunday, June 5, 2011

Video of the Month June '11

For VoM's video of the Month June'11, we 6 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Kelvin
2. Video by Kelvin
3. Video by Valerie and tagged by Celine
4. Video by Valerie and tagged by Celine
5. Video by Sky
6. Video by Jasmine and tagged by Ochi

As you guys should have known now that I was on holidays hence the late release of the winner for VoM June'11. This month we have 6 entries in all. Once again I thank everyone who had supported VoM.

So let's not be kept waiting anymore; for the winner of the VoM June'11, we have.......

The video by Valerie and tagged by Celine on TP Blazers training in the gymnasium for gymnastics.

Like I said some really great stuff I see you guys doing in the gym, back tucks competition and all. You guys are great and doing very well, hope to see even better stuff from you guys soon.

Valerie and Celine you won yourselves $50.

Continue to support VoM.

Blog Post of the Month June '11

Pretty late to announce this month as I was overseas for 2 weeks. We have a total of 3 entries for BPoM June and they are:

1. Blogged by Sky and Elizabeth and tagged by Ochi
2. Blogged by Clement and tagged by Ken
3. Blogged by Denyse and tagged by Ochi

As there were no entry for BPoM May, therefore the prize was rolled over to BPoM June. So this month, the winner of BPoM June'11 will stand to win $100.

So who is the winner of BPoM June'11? It goes to the post by Sky and Elizabeth (tagged by Ochi),"*♥Our Love Story♥*". Congratulations Sky and BB for the wonderful post and Ochi for tagging, you have won yourselves the total prize of $100.

Sky and BB's Blog Post: *♥Our Love Story♥*

A heart touching post by them their 10 years of relationship with the little stories of key milestone events in the last 10 years.

Comments by Chaang:

"YQ and BB shared the obstacles they went through together and how they managed to overcome them one by one. It is very encouraging to see how the strong bonds they have for each other magnify into the positive energy for the rest of their team mates. They led by example for others to follow."


Congratulations once again Sky, Elizabeth and Ochi, we all wish you a great wedding in advance. =)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prize Presentation for VoM May'11 Winner

For May VoM, our winner is Eugene winning himself a prize of $50..

1st Prize Presentation for VoM April'11 Winner

I am having a little problem giving out VoM prizes lately and only given out 1 out of 4 prizes for April VoM. This one goes to Felicia winning herself a prize of $40..

Out of town

I will be leaving town for holiday for 2 weeks starting tomorrow. VoM and BPoM June will be announced when I get access to wifi. Happy cheering. =)

BPoM 3rd entry for June'11

The 3rd entry of BPOM June is by Denyse from Wildcards and tagged by Ochi for her post on how she managed her career and cheer. It was very well written and especially informative to cheerleaders who are currently trying to balance their work and cheer. Denyse shared her personal experiences with everyone and hope that it is of some help to those in similar scenario or to let some be more grateful of what they have at the moment.

A nice quote; "Nothing’s changed since then, except that when I work, I almost never have time for lunch, and that on training days, dinner is out of the question. It turns out that I need 32 hours a day if I did everything I need to do on a daily basis, and that is if I slept at 2am and woke up at 7am. "

The above is very true, cheerleading indeed demands a certain sacrifice, especially if you are in it to do well. A great cheerleader often is one who has a great character, great attitude and knows how to prioritise and sacrifice.

Check out the post by Denyse and tagged by Ochi: 3rd BPoM June entry or here

P.S: How you do anything is how you do everything

Friday, June 3, 2011

6th entry for June'11 VoM

We have the 6th entry, video posted by Jasmine and tagged by Ochi. The video shows Clement trying out as a flyer, doing a single based extension by Jen. Guys now you know it is not easy to stay locked high up in the air sometimes, appreciate your flyers every single time you stunt with them.

BPoM 2nd entry for June'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month is a post by Clement from Wildcards and tagged by Ken. This is Clements 1st blog post in Wildcards Blog and it talks about how he started his cheerleading journey. I believe most cheerleaders will always remember how they get started in cheerleading, the first person that inspired and motivated him/her in cheerleading.

And for Clement, this person that inspired him the most is non other than KEN LIM BAY HONG.

A short excerpt from Clement,

"Why I say that is because there was this one time he asked me "Do you want to cheer to win ?" I answered no because I was so used to losing in my life. After a pep talk by him, the winning attitude was drilled into me - it was a life changing moment. Physically, he forced me to gym and train the one major muscle group which I hate - my legs. If it weren't for him, I would never have trained my legs and be able to execute advanced stunts or have the strength to do it. Mentally, he trained me to have a stronger mind such that I won't collapsed under pressure and instead, convert all those stress into positive energy to improve myself in cheerleading. I have always aimed to do the things that he can do and lastly to be like him - to be in Wildcards, national champion team!"

Ken had managed to invoke a "life changing moment" in Clement; rid of his losing attitude and instil the winning mentality into him. In life, you don't have to change the entire world, but to be able to change just 1 live at a time is already a great blessing; it means alot to that person and you will never know how far the seed that you planted will grow, the potential is limitless.

Check out the post by Clement and tagged by Ken: 2nd BPoM June entry or here