Friday, June 3, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for June'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month is a post by Clement from Wildcards and tagged by Ken. This is Clements 1st blog post in Wildcards Blog and it talks about how he started his cheerleading journey. I believe most cheerleaders will always remember how they get started in cheerleading, the first person that inspired and motivated him/her in cheerleading.

And for Clement, this person that inspired him the most is non other than KEN LIM BAY HONG.

A short excerpt from Clement,

"Why I say that is because there was this one time he asked me "Do you want to cheer to win ?" I answered no because I was so used to losing in my life. After a pep talk by him, the winning attitude was drilled into me - it was a life changing moment. Physically, he forced me to gym and train the one major muscle group which I hate - my legs. If it weren't for him, I would never have trained my legs and be able to execute advanced stunts or have the strength to do it. Mentally, he trained me to have a stronger mind such that I won't collapsed under pressure and instead, convert all those stress into positive energy to improve myself in cheerleading. I have always aimed to do the things that he can do and lastly to be like him - to be in Wildcards, national champion team!"

Ken had managed to invoke a "life changing moment" in Clement; rid of his losing attitude and instil the winning mentality into him. In life, you don't have to change the entire world, but to be able to change just 1 live at a time is already a great blessing; it means alot to that person and you will never know how far the seed that you planted will grow, the potential is limitless.

Check out the post by Clement and tagged by Ken: 2nd BPoM June entry or here

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