Sunday, October 30, 2011

8th entry for November'11 VoM

For our 8th video of the month, we have a video by Jiahui. Rewind Liberty Full around Cupie by Jiahui and KC. So far I have not seen such a consistent pairing for rewind, hitting almost 10 out of 10 now. And the Full around cupie after that just tops it all up. SNCC 2012 are you ready?? Book your seats now to get the best view of the best couple in action. =)

7th entry for November'11 VoM

The 7th entry for November Vom is by Ruth. Video titled "Let's do some fulls!" says it all. A nice compilation of Ruth doing some full up right and left cupies and also full around cupies with Jake and Weihan, all of them from our very own Team Lions. Amazing stuff and nice video to sum it all up. Let's take this opportunity here to wish our Singapore's cheer team, Team Lions, ASU for Cheerleading Worlds this end of the month. Jiayou.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

6th entry for November'11 VoM

We have the 6th entry, video posted by Chew Long. A video clip of Alpha Verve's bases Li Jing and Chen Da competing in a handstand walk competition. I can never stress enough that hand stand is the number 1 most important skill a cheerleader should possess. If there is someone has only time to do only 1 exercise, I will recommend doing handstand. So far I have not seen a good all rounded cheerleader not being able to do at least a proper handstand; so if you want to become a all rounded cheerleader, start working on your hand stands now.

5th entry for November'11 VoM

The 5th video entry for November VoM is by Jimmy from Denvers and tagged by Wenjie. The video is on Jimmy hitting toss extension retake full around cupie with Kay, a super super duper flyer from Taiwan. It is always great to see everyone progress to hitting such high level skills and also nice to see exchanges being done with cheerleaders from overseas. Great job once again Jimmy and thank you for your support in VoM. Cya around soon.

Friday, October 28, 2011

BPoM 3rd entry for November'11

The 3rd entry of BPOM November is by Hann Bin for the post, "My Journey thus far..". A post by Hann Bin speaking about his journey in cheerleading so far. It started off with how he got to know cheerleading, to learning in cheerleading and then to sharing in cheerleading.

It is also very important to remember and be grateful and thankful to people who helped you along the way. Hann Bin specially thanked Winston for getting him to find his new passion, thanked Chaang for being the great coach he is and Gary for being his mentor in partner stunting.

And in a mere over 1 year, Hann Bin had achieved what many would have took years to accomplish; really elite stunts such as rewinds, tick tock full around, pop overs and many many more.

Hann Bin also shared 7 very crucial secrets of his success which he adhere to always. Number 1 secret:

"Try not to place someone as your aim for you will lose focus in your training, instead find the reason that drives you beyond that person for example, to be the very best, to be a national champion etc. This intrinsic motivation will drive you through your hardest times. Let me quote you an example, with Gary recent success in weight loss, we can see that Gary clearly had a goal and that was to go Kentucky and tumble, we don’t see him aiming to be as skinny as the person he see on the road."

Hann Bin

Check out Hann Bin's post below and find out about the other 6 secrets of successes are.

Check out the post by Hann Bin: 3rd BPoM November entry or here

Thursday, October 27, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for November'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month November is a post by Li Jing from Alpha Verve and tagged by Chew Long. This is probably one of the first few email speech from Li Jing addressing to Alpha as a captain. Again this email had been re-published onto Alpha blog so that it can be shared with everyone.

The speech starts off by encouraging everyone in Alpha to take part in Sports Award Performance, the benefits that a performance can bring to them. Then it continues to present the reality of cheerleading, that cheerleading is not only about having fun and being happy all the time, but it is in fact also a very tough sport. And at the end of the day, we all train for a target which is the Nationals. If you want to be good in cheerleading, heavy commitment is required. If you commit to cheerleading enough, cheerleading will also commit to you and make you a better cheerleader.

Just short excerpt from the post:

"Honestly speaking, cheerleading is a tough sports. It is not always about hitting the stunts and making yourselves happy. More importantly, it is about how you are going to adjust and cheer yourselves and your teammates up when the stunts keep failing, and in the end, hit them. This fighting spirit makes cheerleading so fun and enjoyable." - Li Jing

And also mentioned in the post are the welfare and encouragment packages implemented by the team. I feel this is also very important aspect for every cheerleading team. It is not always only about the sport itself, but also about the interaction of people and the welfare and support for everyone.

Check out the post by Li Jing and tagged by Chew Long: 2nd BPoM November entry or here

BPoM 1st entry for November'11

The 1st entry of BPOM November is by Chew Long from Alpha. It is a post with regards to safety. This post was originally ciculated only through email but Chew Long decided to share this on the blog as well so that all cheerleaders can stand to benefit from some on the views and experiences.

A great post by Chew Long with many specific examples given. Cheerleaders should not let another cheerleader pay for their mistake. Everyone, flyers and bases should do their part well. Flyers trust the bases with their lives so bases got to do the right thing and make the flyer feel confident in stunting; bases put their bodies in the "firing line" to make sure flyers are safe so flyers should also do their job properly. Self accountability is what Chew Long is refering to.

"Keep an open mind because everyone in this team is still learning and remember that we are learning TOGETHER. " - Chew Long

Chew Long, it is never naggy to explain the importance of safety. In fact saftey should be a point drilled into everyone's head every single day.

Check out the post by Chew Long: 1st BPoM November entry or here

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

4th entry for November'11 VoM

The 4th entry for November VoM is a video by Jiahui from Astros. The stunt the girls are trying in the video is handstand to hands pop front tuck cradle. I simply love the expression Jiahui is showing before the pop front tuck. I guess it is probably the first time doign it with the girls. End of the day glad to see everyone had lots of fun, that's what cheerleading is all about.

Monday, October 24, 2011

3rd entry for November'11 VoM

A video by Mun Chun from Astros for our 3rd entry for November VoM. A video on the compilation of the challenge of the genders in Astros. The girls will emulate what the guys did and vice versa. It was really impressive for the girls to be basing some for the first time in their life and to execute stunts which some guys may even struggle. The guys are not to bad as well, basing a fellow guy up can be quite scary sometimes, but most credit has to be given to Yuen Bo who is the top flyer. Very well done video, only pity was the music could not be added in.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

2nd entry for November'11 VoM

The 2nd video entry for November VoM is by Yirong. I think it was promotional video done by Team Spectrum about "why join cheer". Very nice video. I love the part about the interview being done with cheerleaders stunting in the background. Very well presented interview too, summing up the little things that made cheerleading so fun, enjoyable, satisfying and utimately why join cheer. Cheerleading is definitely the sport for me; no other sport comes close.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

1st entry for November'11 VoM

The 1st entry for November VoM is by Clement from Wildcards, tagged by Hann Bin featuring YanHeng and Pamela . Very nice toss block stretch to low high stretch. Always great to see new stunts being done; not just new but high level stunts being made to look easy. Keep up the good work

Thursday, October 20, 2011

One of the rare post

People who follow my blog must be bored by it for the past 1 year. I posted practically near to zero entries other than the VoM and BPoM posts. I gave myself excuses of being very busy, busy with this and that, etc etc. There was a time in June that I wanted to blogged but did not, right after I came back from my 2 weeks holiday on a cruise to Shanghai and tour of Jiang Nan; a trip that I planned and probably deserved for working hard through 2010 till 2011 SNCC Nationals. Today I shall just randomly pen down some of my thoughts since then till now. So many many many many many.....many things had happened this year, even just for the last 3 - 4 months. If I do not start writing them down, it would probably be lost in my ever forgetful mind of mine in time to come. No more excuses that I have no time, for I had time to write down at least more than a couple of over thousand words "essays" to some people I cared for and who are always at the back of my mind for the past over 1 year now.

On this (some would say emo) night drinking a glass of liquer, which I wanted but had't done for some time, just chilling and relaxing, I had this sudden urge to go to my videos on FB and re-watched them again. First thought that came into my head was, "wow I was quite slim (relatively) back then". Then (only last year) I could still do gymnastics pretty ok for a person who just started proper learning after 23. Then as I continued to watch, I realised that my stunting abilities are pretty awesome I would say (I did not think so back then, but compared to now I really feel I was awesome then), for being able to complete that gruelling 1 min PS routine for Nationals. haha.

Fast forward back to reality from the videos, everything seems to be just slipping away from me. The more I tried to do more and more and more, the less and less and less I seemed to achieve. I had been listening to audio cds in my drive these days (Ken lent me), and I gathered that it was because I had been trying to do too many and lose focus and result on even the best thing I can do. Few people actually knows everything that I had been doing in my life, not even my mother. Some people knows a part of the things that I am doing and some people knows another part of the things that I am doing; but no one knows fully everything that I had been up to; except Xuewei and probably maybe Ken. Even so each of these groups of people are already asking me how is it possible that I can do all these, am I crazy or what; when non of them even know half of everything that I had been doing. Just checking over 10 different emails accounts, more than 3 FB accounts and a few other twitter accounts a day etc is already alot of work and it does not end there. (That's as far as I will try to get an idea across of the various stuff that had been keeping me busy). And most people often forgot that I am still have a full time profession as an ENGINEER (which I really hated it to be honest)!!

Those who knows me from cheer probably knows I am coaching Alpha, coaching Hall 5, training with Astros, author of XWonder blog, sponsor and partner of VoM and BPoM, with the occasional visit to ACES and Wildcards. Those who knows me from my drive to achieve financial freedom, so that I can give back much more to cheerleading, will probably know me doing few different high yielding investments, doing a couple of business for people and also trying to set up a few of my own. Those who know me from my full time job as an engineer will probably thinks that I am moonlighting outside of work at night as I always dose off at work (the boring-est time of my day). There are also some who know me just as friends, outside of all these and I always feel calm and relax when I am with them, just chilling, but most times rushing to chill then rushing off again.

Pardon me for my grumbling or rubbish, but this is my blog right? I can write anything I want and I am not always full of positivity; I have my downs alot too just that no one sees them often. But anyway there won't be much of these posts too, just one of the rare post I do once in a blue moon so that I can look back in future to remember the phase and state of my mind I am in then.

You know during my time on cruise and at Jiang Nan this June, was just about the longest I had been away from cheerleading since 2004. And I mean really doing nothing related to cheer at all, there were no reception and stuff on the cruise, I cannot even FB in China. Even during my days of rushing for FYP, I still had the occasional "video appreciation" and some stunting seasions once in a while. So after that 2 weeks of complete break, and I came back to Singapore, I felt like a totally different person. It just feels like I have lost touched with cheerleading, or cheerleading had lost touched with me; cheerleading simply moved on without my pressence and the world continued to spin. The feeling is quite "zen". For the next few weeks I was back, I simply felt that I seemed to have lost my passion for cheer. I do not know how to describe the feeling, but it was just emptiness. I realised I could actually survived without cheer...

After that trip, I began to ask myself all sorts of questions about my relationship with cheer, as I continued with my life taking on more and more stuff; took up Hall 5 coaching and another business (for those of you who rememebered I bought Optimus Prime in China, and even tried to do a online business selling transformers, hahaha, I just laugh at the thought of that stupid idea. I still have 1 Jetwing Optimus Prime Mint in Sealed Box, MISB, for sale if any one interested though. lol). I thought I was challenging myself back then, I thought I was trying to get out of my comfort zone, in doing and taking up more, but now I finally realised that the opposite is true. I was trying to give myself a way out, I was giving myself the excuse to fail. It's more like, "ok if this fails, I still have another to fall back on". I did took up more and more, I thought I was challenging myself, but even as I am typing now, it just makes more and more sense that I am actually trying to avoid some issues and finding ways out, giving myself "safety nets" which are not even that "safe" at all. Do you have this feeling before that sometimes having so much things waiting for you to do that you don't know where to start and end up feeling too overwhelmed and simply stop doing anything at all? This is what is happening to me more frequently recently. I guess I am running out of stamina.

I am sure most heard of the phrase, "Jack of all trades, Master of ___??". You all know the answer, fill in the blank yourself. Focus Focus Focus. Focus on 1 thing at a time and not screwing yourself up by taking so many. Even if you were a master at each of them, adding them all up and try doing them all at a time still F***s you up big time. Just imagine kicking a ball and holding a cupie at the same time; no matter how good a soccer player you are or how great a cheerleader you are, you are never going to make it far this way. I guess it is definitely great to have multiple streams of income, but which is better - a couple streams of HUGE income, or multiple multiple multiple streams of small income?? Food for thought myself. This post is mainly for me, for me to just rumble about stuff and it certainly helps. It clears up my mind and reaffirms certain concepts as well as rid of some misleading ones. Writing is indeed a very good form of therapy and it is free. It allows me to see myself clearer and gives this very recharging feeling to me. It seems that I had left all my worries into these words and start to feel lighter again.

I guess I started off writing these feeling all emo and down, but now at the end of this post, I am actually feeling great and positive again. I may have gone through alot more problems than some people, but all these are great learning (I hope you can gain something from this sharing too). In fact I know that I had a great mindset, I had been able to position myself far better off than most average; I just need to sort out some thoughts, find my clarity and intentions back on track and I am ready to charge forward again.

Now I know what I need to do, everything is clear once again. Focus!

P.S: I want to thank Ken for helping me find my clarity again, for giving me that "ah ha" moment I was looking for again. I know you are often frustrated by me, for bothering you and for not letting you go home that night till I find my answer. Thanks again my "brother", you know what I mean. =)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Video of the Month October '11

For VoM's video of the Month October'11, we have 4 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Chaang and tagged by Ochi
2. Video by Zhaoming
3. Video by Yuen Bo and tagged by Ruth
4. Video by Poh Kang and tagged by Fairul

Once again I thank everyone who had supported VoM. And sorry for the delay so let's not be kept waiting anymore; for the winner of the VoM October'11, we have.......

The video by Poh Kang and tagged by Fairul; a unique, fun, and extremely entertaining video, not fogetting the advance stunts done in the video without batting an eyelid.

Great great stuff there shown by SP Gusto and presented to everyone in a light hearted and fun way.

Poh Kang and Fairul you won yourselves $50.

Continue to support VoM.

Prize Presentation for VoM August'11 Winner

Another long delay for this prize presentation. For August VoM, also our XWonder 5th year Anniversary Special, our winner walks away $50 and a 5lbs protein powder. The winner is non other than Gary (note when he won this prize in August, he was still the "Fat Gary" and now he is the "Fit Gary").

Gary face now is sharper than mine (A little trivial - Gary's BMI is now less than mine!!)

Can see the pacs coming out

And I just cannot help but post a picture of Gary when he hit the Hands to Hands pop to Liberty which won him VoM August'11, just in case you guys forgotten how he looked like back then.

Blog Post of the Month October'11

For BPoM October we have a total of 3 entries and they are:

1. Blogged by Gary
2. Blogged by Clement and tagged by Ochi
3. Blogged by Winston and tagged by Ochi

The winner for BPoM Oct'11 goes to the post titled,"There Is Nothing You Cannot do!", written by Gary! Congratulations Gary for winning BPoM for the 2nd time. Gary, you have won yourself the total prize of $50. (Gary had also recently won VoM; goes to show that if you put in the effort, there are definitely the chance to make significant sum of money to aid your quest in pursuing cheerleading)

Gary's Blog Post: There Is Nothing You Cannot do!

Comments by Chaang:

"Gary has touched on a few key points

1) Finding his source of motivation - For Gary, going to Kentucky slim and fit was his objective.Everybody has their own source of motivation. Find your own source of motivation, and make it happen! And always set a deadline for yourself!!

2) Admitting to his own flaws - ''However, if you want to start doing this, you NEED to recognize that YOU ARE FAT. If someone says you are fat and you say that you are big boned, you are totally lying to yourself. If someone says you are heavy and you say that you are big-size, you are making excuses. Stop living in denial!'' - self explanatory.

3) Stop procrastinating - Gary decided on 29/07/11 that he will lose weight, and he did just that. No complicated stories. No excuses. He just drafted a plan, and followed it. It is as simple as that.

On a side note, I need to stress again that BOTH WINNING AND THE PROCESS OF WINNING IS IMPORTANT! For Gary, it is a ''sweet victory'' for him as he has achieved what he has set for himself to do, and victory is sweet because he has worked so hard for it (the process) and it has produced results (weight loss)! There is no value in winning without knowing the value of your victory, or going through all the blood and sweat only to realize you did not succeed. Everybody plays to win. So stop trying to be politically correct and start being honest to yourself.

I always believe nobody will ever plan to fail, but besides failing to plan; failing to execute will also lead to anybody's downfall."


Congratulations once again to Gary for winning $50

For those new to BPoM, pls refer to this link: How to make $50 and more just by blogging!!