Friday, October 28, 2011

BPoM 3rd entry for November'11

The 3rd entry of BPOM November is by Hann Bin for the post, "My Journey thus far..". A post by Hann Bin speaking about his journey in cheerleading so far. It started off with how he got to know cheerleading, to learning in cheerleading and then to sharing in cheerleading.

It is also very important to remember and be grateful and thankful to people who helped you along the way. Hann Bin specially thanked Winston for getting him to find his new passion, thanked Chaang for being the great coach he is and Gary for being his mentor in partner stunting.

And in a mere over 1 year, Hann Bin had achieved what many would have took years to accomplish; really elite stunts such as rewinds, tick tock full around, pop overs and many many more.

Hann Bin also shared 7 very crucial secrets of his success which he adhere to always. Number 1 secret:

"Try not to place someone as your aim for you will lose focus in your training, instead find the reason that drives you beyond that person for example, to be the very best, to be a national champion etc. This intrinsic motivation will drive you through your hardest times. Let me quote you an example, with Gary recent success in weight loss, we can see that Gary clearly had a goal and that was to go Kentucky and tumble, we don’t see him aiming to be as skinny as the person he see on the road."

Hann Bin

Check out Hann Bin's post below and find out about the other 6 secrets of successes are.

Check out the post by Hann Bin: 3rd BPoM November entry or here

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