Friday, September 30, 2011

Everything is planned nicely the way it is. Pls take me to the next level.

Friday, September 23, 2011

4th entry for October'11 VoM

The 4th entry for October VoM is Poh Kang and tagged by Fairul. A very creative, entertaining as well as inspiring. They, SP cheerleaders, made doing high elite level stunts seemed so easy and effortless. B-Toss Layout full, Straddle Full up Liberty are being made to look so elementary to them. The video is exuding so much of youth, energy and fun that makes cheerleading so attractive to the youths these days. I liked the music used in the video too.

3rd entry for October'11 VoM

A video by YuenBo and tagged by Ruth for our 3rd entry for October VoM. A video showing Astros doing the recent trending stunt - "Full Around Trophy". Quite a good take for the 1st time trying out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2nd entry for October'11 VoM

2nd entry for October VoM is by Zhaoming. It is a video of him hitting his dream stunt - straddle up cupie. The video starts off with him doing straddle up extension and after 3 years, he got the straddle up cupie. Time really flies. Jiayou my old buddy, continue to defy our age k.

1st entry for October'11 VoM

The 1st entry for October VoM is by Chaang and tagged by Ochi. This is a video showing Jasmine doing squats in the gym as part of their strength training for cheerleading. More often you only hear of guy cheerleaders doing squats, but what is beneficial for the bases is equally beneficial for the flyers as well. With stronger legs (which you will get from doing squats), your jump will inprove as well, and this helps the bases toss you higher. Jasmine is a great role model for all flyers.

Monday, September 19, 2011

BPoM 3rd entry for October'11

The 3rd BPoM entry for October - Lets train to be FIT! =)
by Winston and tagged by Ochi.

Alright this month we have alot of post on weight issues, we have post about weight losing, post about weight gaining and now we have a post on attaining the ideal weight. Weight is just a figure, but end of the day, it is your fitness that matters. You can be light but full of fats, or you can be heavy but full of muscles; so weight is just a gauge, but end of the day it is still down to your fitness and ability.

"The first step is to identify your goals and the next step is to plan how to achieve it. Yet, the most important step is putting your plan into action and rewarding yourself as you go about achieving one milestone after another." - Winston

Check out the post by Winston and tagged by Ochi: 3rd BPoM October entry or here

Saturday, September 17, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for October'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month is a post by Clement from Wildcards and tagged by Ochi. His post is about the direct opposite of Gary's which is how he gain weight from 56 to 70kg (Clement if you want to take the next step and know how to gain from 70 to 90kg, I can teach you, haha).

1 thing similar that you notice in losing weight and gaining weight is the diet and the lifestyle. In order to be successful in either, it definitely takes a change in lifestyle. Though from my experience; gaining weight from 70 to 90 and then losing weight from 90 back to 70 and then gaining back to 90 again, losing weight takes more self discipline.

You can see that I went through cycles of losing weight and gaining weight a couple of times. It depends on what you want, at 70, I can do a FHSROBT, and at 90 I can do a Fullup Cupie. I am not saying it is not possible to do both, what I am saying is it often takes some adjustments here and there to your weight to find the optimum number for yourself. By now everyone should know the importance of strength in cheerleading, and the correlation with weight.

“How it Helped -
-Because of the constant gymming, my muscles have thickened and grown abit bigger and that alone can enable me to take more weight as a main base or even as a shoulder stunt.
-Gymming alone has also built up my core and thus i'm able to control my stunts more easily compared to the past.
-I feel that as a bigger base, your flyers will also feel more secure when stunting with you.
-I could also fight for my stunts with all the change in my mass and strength.
-MOST IMPORTANTLY, With a bigger mass, it's easier for a base to hold your ground and not dancing around the mats when doing a stunt!” – Clement

Check out the post by Clement and tagged by Ochi: 2nd BPoM October entry or here

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BPoM 1st entry for October'11

The 1st entry of BPOM October is by Gary, titled "There Is Nothing You Cannot do!". Very inspirational post, especially after you see with your own eyes the chnages to Gary's physique in the past 2 months. Simply amazing, Gary lost over 20kg in about 2 months.

The post sums up the motivation behind Gary's drive to lose weight, how he got started, the workout he did and the nutrition he stick to. The main key to losing weight is to get started. This is the most important ingredient I feel, as people tend to procrastinate. I know Gary since 2008, and throughout this period, on a few separate occasions he told me he was going to lose weight, but each time he din see much results. It was only this last 2 months that he really got to doing it; with the right mentality, strong motivation (doing a layout full in Kentucky), and proper actions he finally did it.

"I just want to show people that this can be done by determination, dedication and willpower and all of these just comes down to nothing but hard work. The most important part is “How badly do you want to do this?”
- Gary

Check out the post by Gary: 1st BPoM October entry or here

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BPoM August'11 Prize Presentation

The winner for BPoM August is by Ken. He won himself $200. Once again the biggest ever payout for BPoM in a month. Congratulations.

Prize presentation courtesy of Chaang

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SEPT - What you want?

DO you know what you want?

This month sharing will be very simple.

Let’s say today, you are my best buddy, we share all secrets. I told you that I’ve hidden my greatest treasure in one of the red houses in Singapore, and I would like you to have it. And then I passed away 3 days later.

Do you think you would be able to find this treasure?

Some say yes, some say no and some say maybe. All answers are right.

If you say NO. Yes, you are right. It is really difficult to search for a red house in Singapore. Singapore is not big, but it is not that small to be able to find a red house that easily.

If you say MAYBE. Yes, you are right. You might be able to find it; you might not be able to find it.

If you say YES. Yes, you might be able to find the treasure if you work hard enough to search for the treasure.

But, Is there an easier way? Let’s say 2 days before I die, I told you that the red house is actually at a specific street and I gave you the unit no. Would you be able to find it? YES OF COURSE! Its specific and it’s clear. You would DEFINITELY be able to find it. Just switch on your GPS using your smart phone, travel there, and you got it.

Then what’s the morale of the story?

If today, you set your goal right, so specific and so clear, do you think you would be able to achieve your goal more likely?

When I first enrolled into Temasek Poly, I did not know that a cheerleading team existed in TP. I really wanted to do cheerleading so much, and I was really sad, and I thought that I would not have a chance to have cheerleading as a CCA. During the 2nd week of the school, I happened to chance by the CCA sport board, and to my surprise, I saw the TP Blazers board. Without hesitation, I took the captain’s card, Frances and drop her a text and enquire her regarding when’s the training. And my cheerleading path has exploded since then. Until recently that I’ve decided to take a step down and allow the younger generation to grow.

If I wasn’t clear that I wanted to do cheerleading, I probably wouldn’t have taken the card back then. Or maybe I will take the card but hesitated and ended up in other CCA or worst, CCA-less.

What I want to share is that, it is important to have a clear direction and a goal. These are like your car’s head lights during the dark night. You could only see the 2m before you, but you know and you know that you are definitely moving towards your destination. Because you have already set your direction and your goal.

Today, do you know what you want from cheeleading? At the end of your cheerleading path, what do you want to have? A lot of cheerleader out there, they do not know what they want, they just follow the flow. Their friends do cheerleading, that’s why they do cheerleading. And at the end of their life, they are forever following.

If you do not know what you want from cheerleading yet, I sincerely encourage you to give a thought about it. If after thinking, you still do not know what you want, it’s probably time to have a change of path.




Monday, September 5, 2011

Video of the Month September'11

For VoM's video of the Month September'11, we 4 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Michelle and tagged by Fairul
2. Video by Li Jing
3. Video by Chaang and tagged by Ochi
4. Video by Alice

So which of the 4 entries is the winner of the VoM September'11.......?

And the winner is the video by Li Jing on cheerleading in Alpha Verve.

Congratulations Li Jing for a wonderful video done. You not only shown talent on the mats by off it as well. It is Alpha Verve's fortune to have you on the team.

Li Jing you won yourselves $50

For those new to VoM, pls refer to this link: Video record, upload and tag to win $50 and more

Blog Post of the Month September'11

For BPoM September we have a total of 3 entries and they are:

1. Blogged by Tina and tagged by Lek Yuan
2. Blogged by Tze Swen
3. Blogged by Rachel and tagged by Ochi

Alright this time we are on time to post the winner for BPoM Sept'11, and it goes to non other than the post by Tze Swen,"Right. Wrong.". Congratulations Tze Swen for the post, and it is also the first time you are taking part, you have won yourself the total prize of $50 and a 5 lbs bottle of protein powder.

Tze Swen's Blog Post: Right. Wrong.

Comments by Chaang:

"Tze Swen’s efforts pretty much remind me of myself when I first took over Hall 13 in 2005 as their coach. I remembered myself knocking on every single door in hall 13 asking residents to join. I can totally understand what it is like to assemble a team to prepare for the new season. People as driven as Tze Swen is what local sg cheerleading needs. We need people to be driven, focused and are able to lead by example. Everybody has eyes. As long as you have genuine intentions, ppl will appreciate you and will aid you in your cause.

Both winning and the process of winning matters. To win is to have a goal, because passion without direction will amount out to nothing. And the process of achieving that goal is what makes you appreciate your fruits of labour. Nobody said it will be easy, but once you bring your team to the top of the mountain your team will appreciate the thick and thin they have been through together."


Congratulations once again to Tze Swen for winning $50 and a 5 lbs bottle of protein powder

For those new to BPoM, pls refer to this link: How to make $50 and more just by blogging!!