Saturday, September 17, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for October'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month is a post by Clement from Wildcards and tagged by Ochi. His post is about the direct opposite of Gary's which is how he gain weight from 56 to 70kg (Clement if you want to take the next step and know how to gain from 70 to 90kg, I can teach you, haha).

1 thing similar that you notice in losing weight and gaining weight is the diet and the lifestyle. In order to be successful in either, it definitely takes a change in lifestyle. Though from my experience; gaining weight from 70 to 90 and then losing weight from 90 back to 70 and then gaining back to 90 again, losing weight takes more self discipline.

You can see that I went through cycles of losing weight and gaining weight a couple of times. It depends on what you want, at 70, I can do a FHSROBT, and at 90 I can do a Fullup Cupie. I am not saying it is not possible to do both, what I am saying is it often takes some adjustments here and there to your weight to find the optimum number for yourself. By now everyone should know the importance of strength in cheerleading, and the correlation with weight.

“How it Helped -
-Because of the constant gymming, my muscles have thickened and grown abit bigger and that alone can enable me to take more weight as a main base or even as a shoulder stunt.
-Gymming alone has also built up my core and thus i'm able to control my stunts more easily compared to the past.
-I feel that as a bigger base, your flyers will also feel more secure when stunting with you.
-I could also fight for my stunts with all the change in my mass and strength.
-MOST IMPORTANTLY, With a bigger mass, it's easier for a base to hold your ground and not dancing around the mats when doing a stunt!” – Clement

Check out the post by Clement and tagged by Ochi: 2nd BPoM October entry or here

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