Monday, September 19, 2011

BPoM 3rd entry for October'11

The 3rd BPoM entry for October - Lets train to be FIT! =)
by Winston and tagged by Ochi.

Alright this month we have alot of post on weight issues, we have post about weight losing, post about weight gaining and now we have a post on attaining the ideal weight. Weight is just a figure, but end of the day, it is your fitness that matters. You can be light but full of fats, or you can be heavy but full of muscles; so weight is just a gauge, but end of the day it is still down to your fitness and ability.

"The first step is to identify your goals and the next step is to plan how to achieve it. Yet, the most important step is putting your plan into action and rewarding yourself as you go about achieving one milestone after another." - Winston

Check out the post by Winston and tagged by Ochi: 3rd BPoM October entry or here

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