Monday, September 5, 2011

Blog Post of the Month September'11

For BPoM September we have a total of 3 entries and they are:

1. Blogged by Tina and tagged by Lek Yuan
2. Blogged by Tze Swen
3. Blogged by Rachel and tagged by Ochi

Alright this time we are on time to post the winner for BPoM Sept'11, and it goes to non other than the post by Tze Swen,"Right. Wrong.". Congratulations Tze Swen for the post, and it is also the first time you are taking part, you have won yourself the total prize of $50 and a 5 lbs bottle of protein powder.

Tze Swen's Blog Post: Right. Wrong.

Comments by Chaang:

"Tze Swen’s efforts pretty much remind me of myself when I first took over Hall 13 in 2005 as their coach. I remembered myself knocking on every single door in hall 13 asking residents to join. I can totally understand what it is like to assemble a team to prepare for the new season. People as driven as Tze Swen is what local sg cheerleading needs. We need people to be driven, focused and are able to lead by example. Everybody has eyes. As long as you have genuine intentions, ppl will appreciate you and will aid you in your cause.

Both winning and the process of winning matters. To win is to have a goal, because passion without direction will amount out to nothing. And the process of achieving that goal is what makes you appreciate your fruits of labour. Nobody said it will be easy, but once you bring your team to the top of the mountain your team will appreciate the thick and thin they have been through together."


Congratulations once again to Tze Swen for winning $50 and a 5 lbs bottle of protein powder

For those new to BPoM, pls refer to this link: How to make $50 and more just by blogging!!

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