Monday, August 29, 2011

BPoM 3rd entry for September'11

The 3rd BPoM entry for September - Rachel's First Blog Post (: by Rachel and thanks Ochi for tagging it.

This post is about Rachel's first impression of WCT before she joined, and then her impression of WCT after. The post also touched on some key reasons and people that helped her made up her mind to join WCT.

Some points to take away from her post,

- Never judge a team based on appearances on the outside or rumours. The only way to know a team is really to get to know the members well and take part in their trainings for a certain period of time.

- Always continue to learn, so that you can share with even more people; and in Rachel's case to be able to help her parent team which is Gusto.

- Lastly always be opened to new opportunities, for you never know where they will take you. Rachel trying out to be top flyer for the first time is a big step out of her comfort zone for her too; but when the opportunity comes along, grab it for it might not come twice.

I think Rachel had indeed made a very good decision, the decision to continue to cheer, and at a place most suited for her. For me because I know how tough it is for me to continue to be involved in cheerleading, the sacrifices that I have to make and the critism I faced from some people outside of cheerleading. Therefore I will ask every cheerleader to cherish their opportunity, the opportunity to continue to cheer. Do not give up or retire from cheer that easily if cheer is what you love. I always feel sad when I see people giving up cheerleading because of what life throws at them. There is always a way, and I hope I can provide the answer and the way for every cheerleader in future. For those who can still cheer hard now, treasure it and not take it for granted. I apologise if I digress a little from the main point.

Ok, back to the post and Rachel. Rachel, I think I first met you sometime in 2009 and then again in 2010 when I went down to Gusto. I believe back then, we both would not know where you will be 1-2 years later, that you would have won the overall champion at SNCC 2011 and that you will be joining WCT. You have indeed improved and grown tremendously since then (back then I remembered you were already very happy with doing just a toss cupie), and I wish you all the best in your endeavours with WCT in the coming years and become a even greater flyer. May your passion for cheerleading continue to grow inside you.

Check out the post by Rachel and tagged by Ochi: 3rd BPoM September entry or here

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