Saturday, August 27, 2011

3rd entry for September'11 VoM

A video by Chaang and tagged by Ochi for our 3rd entry for September VoM. A video made about a typical sunday where Wildcards members gather to sweat it out in the gym. In the video we can see Gary running (then continue to hear him running throughout the video), Clement doing deadlifts and Ochi doing standing mititary presses. If you are familiar with gym weights, you will know that the weights that they are lifting are no joke, only the seasoned person will be able to achieve such weights.

The video once again showed the importance of physical fitness, strength in cheerleading. It not only allows you to stunt better, it also prevents injuries to yourself and also to the flyers stunting with you. I am too a huge believer of physical abilities when it comes to cheerleading; if we say cheerleading is a sport, lets all have a go at it as a sport and people will respect you as a sportsperson.

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