Saturday, August 27, 2011

BPoM 1st entry for September'11

The 1st entry of BPOM September is by Tina(? correct me if I am wrong) and tagged by Lek Yuan. Titled "Who says Cheerleading isn't a sport?", it is a post that re-emphasize once again that cheerleading is indeed a very serious sport, regardless of what many people may say out there. Even till today, sometimes when people take up cheerleading, even they themselves might have doubts or sketicism about cheerleading, about it being an activity along the lines of girls who hold pom poms and do little cheers, or all the guys who join cheerleading are homosexuals or gays, as put across by in the blog post. But after they are in it and get really involved for an extended time, they will realise that though there might be some truth (girls still do hold pom poms), but it is definitely not the entire truth and should never be taken out of context as well.

So as what the blog post intended, it is to remind people that cheerleading is very much a dedicated and tough sport, with risk no less than contact football. A very well written post with good videos and illustration to bring this point across as well, not just to the general public I feel, but also more for those new cheerleaders who might still have that lingering doubts in their minds, and also a timely reminder to all cheerleaders to be proud of themselves.

"the bottom line is,
cheerleaders be proud as a cheerleader and cheer while you still can."
- Tina

Check out the post by Tina and tagged by Lek Yuan: 1st BPoM September entry or here

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