Sunday, August 28, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for September'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month is a post by Tze Swen from Vikings, NTU Hall 5 Cheerleading.

"One year ago, I put my name on the sign-up sheet for Cheer Clinic because the other guys in my OG also did the same. We did it so that the cheerleaders will stop pestering us. Of course I didnt have the intention to turn up at the clinic at all. And I really didnt go."

How many of you cheerleaders had this exact same experience as Tze Swen? I personally had a almost similar experience, one that I was very reluctant to join cheerleading, and half "scammed" in, half "doing a favour" for my then neighbour, and my first ever mentor in cheerleading Calvin Teo.

You never know where life will take you sometimes, but I have to say from my experience, take all opportunity that comes to you, be a "yes" man, always say yes if possible and you never know when the next decision you make will become your destiny.

Some fantastic quotes from the post,

“I joined cheer to help cheer initially. But after some time, I realise the people are nice and it was the family feel in cheer that made me stay and continue to fight with everyone! Without the family feel, I would have stopped cheering.. ><” – Ser Kun

“As a freshie, I wanna join cheer because Im looking for a family. People that can support me, encourage me and never lose faith in me. And as a freshie, I was hoping to find that in cheer” – Indora

“I join cos cheer made me realise that I dont need wings to fly! (: But it’s the people who made me stay on!” – Hui Wei

“The company of fellow cheerleaders, the blood sweat and tears we have been through and lastly, the joy of hitting stunts!” – Jia Da

“You only live once, I want to live life to the fullest by giving new things a chance” – Sze Jie

“Its a place where everything is possible!” – Derrick Ong

“I dont really cheer to win one la. Its you guys =) ” – Ronald

If you are already a cheerleader or comtemplating whether or not to join cheerleading; do not ask what cheerleading can give to you, instead ask what you can give to cheerleading in future, when you make that all important decision.

Check out the post by Tze Swen: 2nd BPoM September entry or here

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