Sunday, July 27, 2008

Taiwan Trip 12/07 to 22/07 =)

Greetings everyone. We are back from Taiwan. It was a great trip. We manage to go to quite a few places of interest, such as Yang Ming Shan, Jiu Fen, Wu Lai, Ye Liu. The main highlight of the trip for us was eating and eating. Shopping was also very fulfilling, though it was tiring. The things are cheap and has alot of variety.

We also got the opportunity to pay a visit to Monster Cheerleading Team's training outside Zhong Zheng Ji Nian Tang Mrt. It was a wonderful experience for us and we learnt a lot from them. Summer Camp was also very fun. The dinner cum show on the first night was the best part of the camp for me. It shows me that Taiwanese are super on and enthuiastic people. It was truely an experience we will not find back in Singapore.

Below are some pictures of the trip.

Day 1

At Changi Airport

Leaving with a luggage each

A meal at the airport before we fly off

On the plane

Reached Taiwan

Our guide in Taiwan

On the way to Shilin night market

First time buying "coin" for their Mrt aka Jie Yun

Ah Zhong Mian Xian is nice

First time eating Chou Dou Fu

Hua Zhi (sort of sotong soup)

Orh Jian

Super huge Taiwan Xiang Chang

Bing, something we eat all the time

Going back to hostel

Day 2

Taking the Jie Yun once again, to Jian Tan en route to Yang Ming Shan

Road side stall

Breakfast at the foot of Yang Ming Shan

Yang Ming Shan

Headed back to Xi Men Ding for lunch

Tomato soup


Chickken Chop and Beef omelette rice

Movie in Taipei

Supper at a Korean restaurant in Taiwan

Then off to a 24 hour comic cum internet browsing stall

Day 3

Breakfast at Taipei Din Tai Fung

Xiao Long Bao

Taipei 101

Tallest building in the world currently

You can almost see the entire Taipei from up here

Supper again after shopping at Wu Fen Pu

Day 4

Breakfast at a recomended goose noodle stall

Then we went to Wu Lai, famous for its scenery, hot springs and mountains

Tram station

Tram tunnel

Nice waterfall view on Wu Lai's lover's bridge

A Yuan Zhu Ming restaurant, the locals performing a song and dance

On the cable car to the top of the mountain

Viewing gallery where you can see the entire valley

We cannot resist eating ice again, the weather is so hot

Off we went to Sun Yat Sun memorial in the evening

You can see the entire Taipei 101 from here

China's founding father

Some pictures with him

For dinner, we head for Jay's restaurant. Yeah

A must take picture

Wild Mushroom

Escargot again, a very nice restaurant.

After dinner, we went to Long San Shi temple to pray and ask for blessings.

We then went to the nearby Hua Xi Jie night market for our 2md round of dinner.

Drunken Prawns

Barbequed Prawns

Had a bowl of Ah Zhong Mee Sua at Xi Men Ding before heading back.

Day 5

Breakfast at Macdonalds


Double patties egg muffin

Headed to Taipei Main Bus Interchange to take a bus to Ye Liu

Ye Liu

Ocean World at Ye Liu

Photo with the turtles

Can you see the star?

Dolphin Show

Sea Lions

Water Acrobats

Another long journey to Jiu Fen Lao Jie after Ocean World

Nice Scenery

Our "appetizer" before dinner

Jiu Fen Lao Jie is on a winding mountain slope

Our dinner place

We had our first steam boat of the trip. Very Nice!

Then we took the fast speed rail back to Taipei

And a cold dessert again before we went back hostel

Day 6

Lunch at another recommended restaurant

Ah Zai Mian

Pork intestines

Fried Mushrooms

Baked unagi

After shopping at Wu Fen Pu again, we head to Shilin for dinner again

Their beef steak is a must try. Delicious

Shi Quan Pai Gu

This time is Chou Dou Fu in Ma La

Then their Fried Ji Pai

Ice once again

We then went to Mei Li Hua to sit asian's 2nd largest ferris wheel

The view up there was not bad. 18 mins ride

Day 7, 8 & 9

Summer Camp

Wake up and ready to go for the camp

Fun Night

Our group for the Yan Shou

Nice Heel Stretch

In our summer camp T

On our way back, with some new made Taiwan friends

Our dinner right after the camp in Shilin again

Day 10

Last day for some of them, so we took a group shot before they leave
Went to Taipei Main Station, before going out

Brunch at a Japanese Restaurant

They have nice Ramen in Taipei too

Ice Cream at Cold Stone after the meal

Went to this street which is famous for its variety of books and comics

Decided to take a break at their Starbucks after walking the whole hot afternoon

Played some balls, this game is very popular in Taipei

Yeah another shot with Jie Lun!

We went to Shilin night market one last time before we leave the next day.

Bought many many stuff, so happy~! Check them out below

Tops and comics for my brothers and father

Dress and TV shows for my mum

Shorts for myself



A mini Mahjong set for the family

Pretty dresses for me

My tops

Lots of goodies

And all my new foot wear

I am very happy with the Taiwan trip, especially the shopping. Went with 2 luggage weighing total of 30 kg and came back with 4 luggage weighing 55kg. I think we must have put on some weight too from all the crazy eating.

Taipei is a convenient and fun place, easy to travel around and the people are friendly. We will definetly want to go again.