Sunday, July 31, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for August'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month August is a post by Alpha Verve and tagged by Biyi. This blog post is title "A Tribute to Ben!". As the title suggests, the post is a tribute to Ben, originally an exchange student all the way from Germany, then joined Alpha Verve and became a big part of the family for Nationals 2011.

It was definitely not an easy thing for one to travelled half the world and to pick up cheerleading in such a short time and to make such an impact to the team.

Just short excerpt from the post of hope much Alpha Verve appreciate Ben,

"Hence, on behalf of the whole team, I wish Ben all the best and hope you had an enjoyable stay in Singapore, NUS and Alpha Verve. Once you are an Alpha, you will always be an Alpha! Lets keep in touch, and when there's a chance, do visit or we will visit! =)"

I always feel that it does not matter where you come from, but as long as you have a heart for cheerleading, you can always find friends wherever you go.

Check out the post by Alpha Verve and tagged by Biyi: 2nd BPoM August entry or here

Friday, July 29, 2011

Xuewei's Birthday - 29th July

29th July is a special day for me and of course for Snow as well, as it is her BIRTHDAY!! I would like to wish Snow a very very happy and wonderful "18" birthday and a great year ahead. =) Wish you good health, stay forever young and fit, and make lots of money and continue to help cheerleading in Singapore.

I would also like take this opportunity to wish happy birthday to another 2 of my fellow cheerleaders, who had their birthday on the same day as Xuewei's. 29th July proves to be a really special day for SG cheer as well.

Happy Birthday Weicheng.

One of my first few base partners (Toe Touch 221 back in the days. haha). I think OWC may often be misunderstood, but his dedicated efforts and results produced in my alma-matar team ACES is not to be denied and not easy to emulate. And now also his contributions and networking for SG cheer as the president of FCS, and also his part in the forming of Team Lions are also to be respected and supported. It is not easy to be in his shoes most times, but he had consistently been able to think of the big picture. Also not to mentioned the influence he must have made on his brother Weihan as he was growing up to becoming one of the best base around currently. A big happy birthday to you again and all the best to you (in trading and business) and also for SG cheer.

Next up, Happy Birthday Jasmine.

A flyer that when I met her for the first time in back in TP; I knew was going to bring SG cheer to the next level. A cheerleader who knows exactly what she wants to achieve and sets out to achieve them. A well seasoned and polished flyer now, Jasmine had achieved what no one else had done so far in SG cheer, that is to be a champion in all 3 categories, Nationals Partner Stunt champion, Group Stunt champion and Team champion! You still have so much in you to contribute to SG cheer and bring it to new heights. I wish you a blessed birthday and good health for you and your family. SG cheer still have so much to see from you.

Also a little past information about Xuewei and her contributions during her active days as a player can be found here

29th July provided SG cheer with 3 amazing personalities, whom had brought so much value to SG cheer; pushing the limits as players, coaches and also in management. Happy Birthday Weicheng, Xuewei and Jasmine.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Prize Presentation for VoM Kentucky Special Winner

The winner for VoM Kentucky Special is Ken and Shermeen of SherKen, winning themselves a prize of 2 free passes to Kentucky advance workshop held last weekend, worth a total of $100.. I was tough coming up with a video entry especially with such short notice, but well done.

BPoM 1st entry for August'11

The 1st entry of BPOM August is by Ken. Titled "Cheerleading in Singapore". This post shares much of Ken's "discovery" during his 4 months layout from competitive cheer. In his own opinion, a champion cheerleader should have 5 traits, they are -

I agree with almost every information given out of the 5 points and I would like to add on 1 more myself, which I feel with it makes the 5 easier, and that is - PASSION. Passion for cheerleading is a funny thing, sometimes it can come and go, especially if you are in it for such a long time like me. No doubts there are times when you felt you have lost your passion, but then you find it back again. Believe me, if you have passion, you will go far.

Another topic which Ken touched on is harmony or cooporation in cheerleading in Singapore. This might be a quite sensitive topic to touch on, but Ken, ignoring what others might think of him, gave his honest opinion of it all which I felt deserved a round of applause. There will always be haters, and sometimes when you know you have some critics, that is also when you know you are on the path to success. This may sound cliche by now, but non of the world's greatest personalities achieved it without some haters or critics along the way. Serve others and do what is right by you and that is all there is to life; there is no point dwelling on what others might think of you, because end of the day you can never please everyone. Anyway if everyone in the whole world only knows how to agree, then there is no fun at all.

"Everyday morning I woke up, after bathing, when I walk into my room. I shout ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ at least ten times with extreme happiness. People might say ‘Haha, so stupid.’ Then I would tell you, if doing stupid things can make me successful, then I would do it." - Ken

Check out the post by Ken: 1st BPoM August entry or here

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

BPoM June'11 Prize Presentation

The winner for BPoM June is by Sky and Elizabeth and tagged by Ochi. They won themselves $100. Congratulations.

Prize presentation at the Kentucky Expert Workshop held last weekend

Prize Presentation for VoM June'11 Winner

For June VoM, our winner is Celine and Valerie of TP Blazers winning themselves a prize of $50.. (Pictures are a little dark though)

5th entry for August'11 VoM

The 5th video entry for August VoM is by Nellie and tagged by Ochi. I first knew Nellie when Wildcards was just formed back in 2008. She was definitely 1 of the tallest cheerleader flyer I knew in SG. She was always working very hard for her stunts; working hard on her partner stunting, and then on getting her layout, and then now getting her first layout full. This is simply amazing and definitely one of the greatest inspirational moment for cheerleading in SG; it shows everyone that nothing really matters except the will to try and succeed.

4th entry for August'11 VoM

The 4th entry for August VoM is by Gary of Wildcards. This has definitely got to be the first hands to hands pop to liberty done in SG. Credit definitely had to be given to Gary, even though they said this stunt is much more difficult for the flyer (and flyer in this video is non other then Olivia from Kentucky cheerleading team). We are finally seeing breakthrough in stunting again now, especially after the UK workshop that just concluded last weekend. Gary great work once again and credit goes to your willingness to try new things and going all out to get it done.

3rd entry for August'11 VoM

A video by Karen and tagged by Fairul for our 3rd entry of August VoM. This video shows what Legacy is all about, some shots of how their culture and tradition is like in Legacy, of all the fun that they had, trips they made together, training as one and competing to show everyone what Legacy Cheerleading is all about. Very nice music to go with the video and it really bring back my memories during the days I was still competing.

2nd entry for August'11 VoM

2nd entry for August VoM is posted by Legacy All-Stars Cheerleading Team and tagged by Fairul. It shows Legacy at the beach and doing a series of Btosses in the water, tosses such as layouts, layout fulls, X-out, double back tucks. Doing Btosses in the water is a great way of training tosses in my opinion, it is almost similar to tossing into the sponge pit which is great for flyers to get their body awareness and control. Great job guys, hope to see those tosses on land some time soon too.

1st entry for August'11 VoM

The 1st entry for August VoM is by Celine from TP Blazers. The video shows some recent events and highlights of TP Blazers, mainly videos of their performance training and also some breakthrough in Btosses, pyramids and partner stunts.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Principles to SUCCESS in LIFE (Cheerleading)

Principles to SUCCESS in LIFE (Cheerleading)

I’ve been reading books on how to be successful, and I realized that many authors couldn’t help but reiterate a few crucial key points which would ultimately leading us to be successful. Be it in LIFE or in CHEERLEADING. I hope to use this chance to share this few principles and further help to nurture more talents for Singapore cheerleading industry.

1.) Decision

Everything starts with the DECISION to be SUCCESSFUL.

Everything starts with the DECISION to EXCEL.

Everything starts with the DECISION to SUCCEED.

So make the decision today to SUCCEED, to EXCEL and be VERY SUCCESSFUL.

If you are still pondering on whether you want to go with this decision, I would suggest you stop reading.

2.) Environment

Like I’ve always personally said ‘You can never soar like an eagle if you mix around the turkey’. Your environment determines the kind of person you are. Birds of the same feather flock together. You need to decide today whether you want to be around extremely motivated, positive and empowering people. It is through the helps of these people that you will grow stronger and better each day. Making promises to each other and making sure that these promises held responsible. If you are not among the best yet, today you need to make that personal decision.

3.) Be very ambitious

Being ambitious is having a dream so big that it seems almost impossible to achieve yet, it keeps you moving because that is what you want to achieve at the end of your cheerleading career. We all know about setting goals, aim for an A often we end up with a B. Since we will end up somewhere a class lower, might as well aim VERY HIGH that even if we land at a class lower, we will be at a relatively higher position.

4.) Discipline

You must have a very strong code of conduct which you have upon yourself which restrict yourself from swaying away from the goal you set. Set very STRCT rules to guide you and request helps from your mentor/close friends to hold you accountable for the mistakes you make and/or actions which doesn’t align with the COC.

5.) Willingness to serve

Last but not least, you must have the willingness to be always ready to serve and not to be SERVED. For example: arriving training earlier to piece mats, set up sound system and keep more mats after training. On top of that, if were given a chance, you should practice sharing of knowledge and skills with a humble attitude. Ie. There’s no wrong technique only which is better. You can only recommend but you can’t force it down people’s throat. Let people reserve the right to freedom of choice

6.) The power of Sub-conscious Mind

90% of the time our actions are controlled by our sub-conscious mind. So, you should start pasting photos, words, picture, goals and etc on your walls to constantly put your sub-conscious mind exposed to these dreams of yours. It may take a while but it will definitely be engraved into your sub-conscious mind. Pasting these ‘dream’ on your walls also serve as a constant reminder to not lose sight of them.

I may not be the best person to relay all these information, but I thought this could really help the cheerleaders out there. Help some find back their dreams. Help some who couldn’t decide whether to continue this journey. Help some wondering souls to set the direction back in line. Most importantly, is to grow cheerleading in Singapore.

'See you at the TOP'

Thursday, July 14, 2011

VoM Kentucky Special

Ok, I know this may be a little late, but like I said sometimes I just like to do things out of the blue whenever I have an idea or feel like doing so. Sometimes I just like to do insane things. haha.

As all Sg cheerleaders know that a group of Kentucky cheerleaders are in Singapore conducting a workshop over this weekend (if you do not know, then how can you call yourself a Singapore cheerleader? haha, just kidding).

Anyway I really wanted to support the Kentucky Workshop by attending all 3 days, but time is really not on my side this weekend (paiseh ah Chaang and Ochi who keeps bugging me, haha), so I was thinking how can I support in another way, and this idea just pop into my head and I am just going to go ahead with it anyway regardless it being a little late (but they say better late than never right?).

Now for the gist of this post, the VoM Kentucky Special - Post a video of you and your partner, whoever it is, just a base and flyer doing partner stunting and the best partner stunt sequence wins a sponsored Kentucky Expert workshop on Friday by me! Yes you are right, the winning partner, both the base and the flyer gets to go for the Expert Workshop on Friday free, worth a total of $100 (transport to ITE Simei not included though. lol). This time round I am just looking at the stunt sequence itself, no need to add music or video effects at all, just a raw video will do, it can even be a old video which you never posted before.

So though this is pretty last min, post your videos and tag me in it to stand a chance to win free passes to this amazing workshop by the Kentucky Cheerleaders all the way from USA. If you already intend to go and had paid, take it as a refund from me; I will pass both of you $100. If you have not decided to go yet, or are facing financial difficulties, this is your chance.

C'mon man, it is the KENTUCKY CHEERLEADERS we are talking about here; the ones that wow us on youtube videos with sick stunts, now here live in Singapore. You should go even if you are a noob or just started cheer, or rather the more you should go if you are new to cheer becos that's when your mind is totally new and can absorb information like a sponge and also be inspired. Don't worry that your abilities are not up to par yet or whatsoever (that's why the more reason you should go anyway). As a cheerleader, I would not miss the chance to get to stunt with them in person, especially if I had not seen them before (2 years ago). And trust me on this, after I attended their workshop 2 years ago, just seeing them in person is worth every single cent (but of course this time round I am paying for you to attend if you win).

Now wait no more, start posting your videos. Dateline to this is Friday, 15 July, 12pm. And I will announce the winning video on FB. I will be attending the Expert workshop myself and present the prize there and then itself.

P.S: I really want to give this prize out no matter what, so please post your best partner stunt videos.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Video of the Month July '11

For VoM's video of the Month July'11, we 5 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Weihan
2. Video by Rexaz Cheerleading and tagged by Ochi
3. Video by Yod and tagged by Ochi
4. Video by Yod and tagged by Ochi
5. Video by Fairul and tagged by Jay

5 great videos this month. We have videos of new breakthrough in stunting, a couple of videos on Nationals, 2 video of recent training camps including 1 by a recently renewed team.

Alright without further a do, the winner of the VoM July'11 goes to.......

The video by Fairul and tagged by Jay on Grizzlers Training Camp.

Fantastic videos from everyone this month and why did I picked this video? Basically it has originality, showed the spirit of cheerleading, it uses current clips and last but not least I feel that every new team deserves encouragement and publicity. It is not easy to start a new cheerleading team in Singapore and even harder to maintain it, so I hope a little encouragement can go a long way. Jiayou Grizzlers, really really hope to see you guys take the cheer scene by storm.

Fairul and Jay you won yourselves $50.

Every one pls continue to support VoM. =)

Blog Post of the Month July '11

There are no BPoM entries for the July'11. As such, as usual, the prize will be rolled over to August'11 BPoM.

Let's get those entries in and stand to win $100 next month!!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2nd Prize Presentation for VoM April'11 Winner

The 2nd prize given out for April VoM goes to a video by Wenjie and tagged by Harlis, winning themselves a prize of $40..

5th entry for July'11 VoM

The 5th video entry for July VoM is by Fairul of Legacy and coach of NYP Grizzlers and tagged by Jay. Grizzlers a cheerleader team from NYP and recently renamed after Fairul and Jay took over as coaches. A fun video made (I loved the openning very much) of Grizzlers bonding camp. In the video you can see them having mini routines, mats washing, pool games, committee passing down and lots more fun activities. Wish NYP Grizzlers have a great year ahead and hope to see you guys at Nationals.

4th entry for July'11 VoM

The 4th entry for July VoM is once again by Yod and tagged by Ochi. Some training videos of failures and then finally success. Born this way!! That is how everyone is, each team is unique and has their own culture and style and KR Steppers sure had a wonderful team and tradition. Jiayou Steppers.

"Ready Ok? 1 - 2 down Steppers"

3rd entry for July'11 VoM

A video by Yod, coach of KR Steppers and tagged by Ochi for our 3rd entry for July VoM. KR STEPPERS Promo 2012 is a video showing a collage of photos and videos of the highlights of Steppers season 10/11. Great video making skills by Yod and fantastic music selection too to fit the video.

"In the life of every champion, there comes a moment of truth"

2nd entry for July'11 VoM

The 2nd video entry for July VoM is by Rexaz Cheerleading and tagged by Ochi. The video shows highlights of Rexaz Annual Bonding Camp 2011, including mini routine put up by various camp groups. It seems everyone had great fun during the camp and this is a great start for a new seasion ahead. Jiayou Rexaz.

1st entry for July'11 VoM

The 1st entry for July VoM is by Weihan. This is a video of him hitting single based Heelstretch to heelstretch with Vinnie (began with a full up to left heelstretch). Weihan and Vinnie really made it look so easy. Hope both of you can show us more stuff in next year's nationals PS competition. Jiayou