Friday, July 29, 2011

Xuewei's Birthday - 29th July

29th July is a special day for me and of course for Snow as well, as it is her BIRTHDAY!! I would like to wish Snow a very very happy and wonderful "18" birthday and a great year ahead. =) Wish you good health, stay forever young and fit, and make lots of money and continue to help cheerleading in Singapore.

I would also like take this opportunity to wish happy birthday to another 2 of my fellow cheerleaders, who had their birthday on the same day as Xuewei's. 29th July proves to be a really special day for SG cheer as well.

Happy Birthday Weicheng.

One of my first few base partners (Toe Touch 221 back in the days. haha). I think OWC may often be misunderstood, but his dedicated efforts and results produced in my alma-matar team ACES is not to be denied and not easy to emulate. And now also his contributions and networking for SG cheer as the president of FCS, and also his part in the forming of Team Lions are also to be respected and supported. It is not easy to be in his shoes most times, but he had consistently been able to think of the big picture. Also not to mentioned the influence he must have made on his brother Weihan as he was growing up to becoming one of the best base around currently. A big happy birthday to you again and all the best to you (in trading and business) and also for SG cheer.

Next up, Happy Birthday Jasmine.

A flyer that when I met her for the first time in back in TP; I knew was going to bring SG cheer to the next level. A cheerleader who knows exactly what she wants to achieve and sets out to achieve them. A well seasoned and polished flyer now, Jasmine had achieved what no one else had done so far in SG cheer, that is to be a champion in all 3 categories, Nationals Partner Stunt champion, Group Stunt champion and Team champion! You still have so much in you to contribute to SG cheer and bring it to new heights. I wish you a blessed birthday and good health for you and your family. SG cheer still have so much to see from you.

Also a little past information about Xuewei and her contributions during her active days as a player can be found here

29th July provided SG cheer with 3 amazing personalities, whom had brought so much value to SG cheer; pushing the limits as players, coaches and also in management. Happy Birthday Weicheng, Xuewei and Jasmine.

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