Sunday, July 17, 2011

Principles to SUCCESS in LIFE (Cheerleading)

Principles to SUCCESS in LIFE (Cheerleading)

I’ve been reading books on how to be successful, and I realized that many authors couldn’t help but reiterate a few crucial key points which would ultimately leading us to be successful. Be it in LIFE or in CHEERLEADING. I hope to use this chance to share this few principles and further help to nurture more talents for Singapore cheerleading industry.

1.) Decision

Everything starts with the DECISION to be SUCCESSFUL.

Everything starts with the DECISION to EXCEL.

Everything starts with the DECISION to SUCCEED.

So make the decision today to SUCCEED, to EXCEL and be VERY SUCCESSFUL.

If you are still pondering on whether you want to go with this decision, I would suggest you stop reading.

2.) Environment

Like I’ve always personally said ‘You can never soar like an eagle if you mix around the turkey’. Your environment determines the kind of person you are. Birds of the same feather flock together. You need to decide today whether you want to be around extremely motivated, positive and empowering people. It is through the helps of these people that you will grow stronger and better each day. Making promises to each other and making sure that these promises held responsible. If you are not among the best yet, today you need to make that personal decision.

3.) Be very ambitious

Being ambitious is having a dream so big that it seems almost impossible to achieve yet, it keeps you moving because that is what you want to achieve at the end of your cheerleading career. We all know about setting goals, aim for an A often we end up with a B. Since we will end up somewhere a class lower, might as well aim VERY HIGH that even if we land at a class lower, we will be at a relatively higher position.

4.) Discipline

You must have a very strong code of conduct which you have upon yourself which restrict yourself from swaying away from the goal you set. Set very STRCT rules to guide you and request helps from your mentor/close friends to hold you accountable for the mistakes you make and/or actions which doesn’t align with the COC.

5.) Willingness to serve

Last but not least, you must have the willingness to be always ready to serve and not to be SERVED. For example: arriving training earlier to piece mats, set up sound system and keep more mats after training. On top of that, if were given a chance, you should practice sharing of knowledge and skills with a humble attitude. Ie. There’s no wrong technique only which is better. You can only recommend but you can’t force it down people’s throat. Let people reserve the right to freedom of choice

6.) The power of Sub-conscious Mind

90% of the time our actions are controlled by our sub-conscious mind. So, you should start pasting photos, words, picture, goals and etc on your walls to constantly put your sub-conscious mind exposed to these dreams of yours. It may take a while but it will definitely be engraved into your sub-conscious mind. Pasting these ‘dream’ on your walls also serve as a constant reminder to not lose sight of them.

I may not be the best person to relay all these information, but I thought this could really help the cheerleaders out there. Help some find back their dreams. Help some who couldn’t decide whether to continue this journey. Help some wondering souls to set the direction back in line. Most importantly, is to grow cheerleading in Singapore.

'See you at the TOP'

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