Friday, July 22, 2011

BPoM 1st entry for August'11

The 1st entry of BPOM August is by Ken. Titled "Cheerleading in Singapore". This post shares much of Ken's "discovery" during his 4 months layout from competitive cheer. In his own opinion, a champion cheerleader should have 5 traits, they are -

I agree with almost every information given out of the 5 points and I would like to add on 1 more myself, which I feel with it makes the 5 easier, and that is - PASSION. Passion for cheerleading is a funny thing, sometimes it can come and go, especially if you are in it for such a long time like me. No doubts there are times when you felt you have lost your passion, but then you find it back again. Believe me, if you have passion, you will go far.

Another topic which Ken touched on is harmony or cooporation in cheerleading in Singapore. This might be a quite sensitive topic to touch on, but Ken, ignoring what others might think of him, gave his honest opinion of it all which I felt deserved a round of applause. There will always be haters, and sometimes when you know you have some critics, that is also when you know you are on the path to success. This may sound cliche by now, but non of the world's greatest personalities achieved it without some haters or critics along the way. Serve others and do what is right by you and that is all there is to life; there is no point dwelling on what others might think of you, because end of the day you can never please everyone. Anyway if everyone in the whole world only knows how to agree, then there is no fun at all.

"Everyday morning I woke up, after bathing, when I walk into my room. I shout ‘I LOVE MYSELF’ at least ten times with extreme happiness. People might say ‘Haha, so stupid.’ Then I would tell you, if doing stupid things can make me successful, then I would do it." - Ken

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