Thursday, July 14, 2011

VoM Kentucky Special

Ok, I know this may be a little late, but like I said sometimes I just like to do things out of the blue whenever I have an idea or feel like doing so. Sometimes I just like to do insane things. haha.

As all Sg cheerleaders know that a group of Kentucky cheerleaders are in Singapore conducting a workshop over this weekend (if you do not know, then how can you call yourself a Singapore cheerleader? haha, just kidding).

Anyway I really wanted to support the Kentucky Workshop by attending all 3 days, but time is really not on my side this weekend (paiseh ah Chaang and Ochi who keeps bugging me, haha), so I was thinking how can I support in another way, and this idea just pop into my head and I am just going to go ahead with it anyway regardless it being a little late (but they say better late than never right?).

Now for the gist of this post, the VoM Kentucky Special - Post a video of you and your partner, whoever it is, just a base and flyer doing partner stunting and the best partner stunt sequence wins a sponsored Kentucky Expert workshop on Friday by me! Yes you are right, the winning partner, both the base and the flyer gets to go for the Expert Workshop on Friday free, worth a total of $100 (transport to ITE Simei not included though. lol). This time round I am just looking at the stunt sequence itself, no need to add music or video effects at all, just a raw video will do, it can even be a old video which you never posted before.

So though this is pretty last min, post your videos and tag me in it to stand a chance to win free passes to this amazing workshop by the Kentucky Cheerleaders all the way from USA. If you already intend to go and had paid, take it as a refund from me; I will pass both of you $100. If you have not decided to go yet, or are facing financial difficulties, this is your chance.

C'mon man, it is the KENTUCKY CHEERLEADERS we are talking about here; the ones that wow us on youtube videos with sick stunts, now here live in Singapore. You should go even if you are a noob or just started cheer, or rather the more you should go if you are new to cheer becos that's when your mind is totally new and can absorb information like a sponge and also be inspired. Don't worry that your abilities are not up to par yet or whatsoever (that's why the more reason you should go anyway). As a cheerleader, I would not miss the chance to get to stunt with them in person, especially if I had not seen them before (2 years ago). And trust me on this, after I attended their workshop 2 years ago, just seeing them in person is worth every single cent (but of course this time round I am paying for you to attend if you win).

Now wait no more, start posting your videos. Dateline to this is Friday, 15 July, 12pm. And I will announce the winning video on FB. I will be attending the Expert workshop myself and present the prize there and then itself.

P.S: I really want to give this prize out no matter what, so please post your best partner stunt videos.

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