Monday, September 27, 2010

6th entry for October VoM

We have our 6th entry, a video by posted by Hann Bin and tagged by Ochi. I have to say that that was 1 of the highest roundoff backtuck I have seen. A little intro about Hann Bin as he is totally new to cheerleading. Hann Bin probably just joined Wildcards for about 2 months now, but his ability to learn is amazing. Being a physically strong guy too, at this rate, Hann Bin you will probably become truly magnificient.

P.S: Nice face by IZ. haha. And Ken congrats for doing your ROBT.

5th entry for October VoM

5th entry for October VoM is uploaded by Joline and tagged by Chaang. Good job Winston, simply zai. Took me 3 years to hit a toss extension then cupie, and you took less than a year. Winston, a cheerleader from Wildcards, though relatively new to SG cheerleading, has already won himself a championship in 2010 mix group stunts. Winston with his cheerful and hyper nature, and ever willingness to share and help; definitely is full of potential to be in cheerleading for the long term.

P.S: Jiayou Winston, now do it with every flyer

Monday, September 20, 2010

BPoM September Prize Presentation

The BPoM September is jointly won by Xinyi and Michelle from Legacy. Together they won themselves $50. Congratulations. And now to the prize presentations.

Xinyi receiving the prize from Chaang

$50 cheque

4th entry for October VoM

The 4th entry for October VoM is by Ruth from ASTROS. First of all congratulations for getting 2nd in the Partner Stunt Category for ATCI 2010, you have done SG cheer proud. The video posted is during the warm ups of the competition. Nice display of the different array of partner stunts.

P.S: Congrats once again to Ruth and Kah Weng for the great performance at ATCI. Next up SNCC for the 2 of you, continue to WOW us.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

BPoM 3rd entry for October

The 3rd BPoM October is a post by Michelle on Legacy's blog. The post is titled "How far do you want to go?" and it immediately goes on to say:
Successes is to be measured, not so much by the position that one has reached in life, but as by the obstacles which one has overcome, while trying to succeed

This is a highly motivational post. It talks about working hard for your goals, there is no limits and most of all teamwork. There is no 'I' in 'TEAM'. Everyone has a part to play in the development of a team.

Check out the post by Michelle: 3rd BPoM October entry or here

P.S: I especially loved the cute cartoon pictures depicting about teamwork.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Circadian rhythm sleep disorders

Now all that I started researching about sleep, it got me more and more interested about sleep. So as I continued my “sleep education”, (again from wiki) it was suggested that people with the circadian rhythm disorder (a sleeping disorder) typically displays polyphasic sleep patterns. So I dwell deeper into the topic and discovered a lot more. I shall share just a tiny portion which I felt describes my case (you can research at wiki for other cases).

A little definition about circadian rhythm disorder:

Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are a family of sleep disorders affecting, among other things, the timing of sleep. People with circadian rhythm sleep disorders are unable to sleep and wake at the times required for normal work, school, and social needs. They are generally able to get enough sleep if allowed to sleep and wake at the times dictated by their body clocks.

It can be further broken down and one of the types (a type that describes my sleep habits) is Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS)

Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) is characterized by a much later than normal timing of sleep onset and offset and a period of peak alertness in the middle of the night.

Only now I finally know that I am suffering from a type of sleeping disorder for a big part of my life. I always knew I was a late sleeper, but never did I thought that it was medically considered a sleeping disorder. It was also because of my having Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS), that triggered my polyphasic sleep patterns. Well I guess if given a choice, I would sleep late but have uninterrupted monophasic sleep for 8 hours like I do so back in my NTU hall days, where I usually sleep after 4am and wake up at noon. However because of work now, I cannot afford to sleep till noon, hence my body had to adapt to polyphasic sleep patterns where I nap a few times a day.

No wonder I always felt more refreshed at night than in the day.

P.S: Maybe I should go see a doctor.


Bon Voyage and all the best to the teams taking part in this weekend's ATCI competition. Now that training had ended, the stress is over and it is time to showcase.

P.S: The process itself of being there for the competition is priceless.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

3rd entry for October VoM

The 3rd entry for October VoM is a video done by Yod and tagged by Edward, the coach and captain of KR Steppers respectively. Enjoyed watching the video alot, loved the music used and also the way the clips were filmed and arranged together. Also we were given a preview of what KR Steppers will be performing for their group stunt competition routine in this weekend's ATCI competition in Thailand. Nice stunts and looking very neat and sharp; great job by Steppers and especially Yod for the chereography and coaching. All the best and good luck once again for ATCI.

P.S: Yod you are ZAI!

Monday, September 13, 2010

BPoM 2nd entry for October

The 2nd BPoM October is by Veronica. I first knew Veronica, or Veron in short as they called her, from Spectrum. It is really nice to see Veron playing a part in promoting cheerleading in SG cheer scene, to raise the awareness in a friendly and informal way as she puts it. A little abstract below:

Why go?(NTU Hall 5 Cheer Clinic)

How often do you get the chance to try cheerleading without any experience in anything? Almost ZERO. It’s something new, it’s something fun. And definitely an ego-booster for guys. What’s holding up weights compared to holding up girls? For girls, the view up there is definitely different from ground level, something your 3 inch high heels won’t achieve, trust me. No matter what words that I am using now would never better explain than joining our cheer clinic and experiencing the thrill yourself. Don’t wait, pick up your phone now and contact us! We look forward to see you at our cheer clinic. :]

So if you guys out there want to do something that you have not done in the past 18-22 years of your life, please go have a try out at NTU Hall 5 Cheer Clinic. Like it says,"Life’s too short to hesitate, just go for it."

Check out the post by Veronica: 2nd BPoM October entry or here

P.S: Let's help bring cheerleading to every nook and cranny in Sinagpore

2nd entry for October VoM

We have the 2nd video entry for October VoM by Ka Hau. It is the skills tape for Wildcards cheerleading team. Wildcards had indeed grown by leaps and bounds since it began back in 2008. A nicely done video showcasing the individual skills of Wildcards, and also the time and coordination efforts put into this project is not to be overlooked. Looking forward to more videos showcasing the other elements of cheerleading such as gymnastics, pyramids, tosses, cheer etc.

Friday, September 10, 2010

BPoM 1st entry for October

The 1st BPoM October by Joseph from Alpha Verve. The post contains many valuable points from Joseph's personal experiences in tumbling as well as stunting. One point mentioned in the post that I would like to highlight especially is "Burst, Follow, Cushion, Lock". Indeed cheerleading revolves around this 4 points; which I think the hard part is not knowing about the 4 points, but the hard part comes in executing them. Jiayou.

Check out the post by Joeseph: 1st BPoM October entry or here

1st entry for October VoM

1st video entry for October VoM - A video done by Evanns and tagged by Kaibin. A really fantastic video done by Evanns about what it meant to be an ACES cheerleader. It is true that to be a champion cheerleader, many sacrifices had to be made, and it certainly is not for the weak minded. But also the lifestyle of a champion cheerleader is also very rewarding and filled with many activities and experiences you can never find in any other place.

Do you guys have what it takes to live the lifestyle of a champion?

P.S: If you are not willing to make that sacrifice, take that leap of faith, you will never know the man/woman you might become.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Polyphasic sleep

Today I was reading Yahoo news and I came across an article "Napping gets a nod at work”. I almost wanted to forward the article to my boss. Haha.

Many people came up to me before and ask me, “Xingwei, how do you do it? How do you sleep so late and manage your day job and cheer life at night?” (on average I sleep at 2-3am and wake at 6am for work) I always told them passion fuels me and I take naps whenever I could in the day.

Now after reading the article “Napping gets a nod at work”, I got to learn of a new term - polyphasic ultrashort sleep. I got a little information from the article and then when to research more information about polyphasic sleep; as usual just google it.

As you would most of the times, wikipedia is the top search result and it states Polyphasic sleep, a term coined by early 20th century psychologist J.S. Szymanski, refers to the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period and does not imply any particular sleep schedule.

And also in the top 3 results, I also found a blog on polyphasic sleep - It is a blog by a few “researchers” on their experiment on polyphasic sleep and also you can find from the blog some basic introduction about polyphasic sleep.

A little extract from the blog:

“On this schedule, I feel quite normal. I am alert, creative and able to do any activity as if I were monophasic. So I guess I've reached one goal. I've discovered a sleeping pattern that I can maintain for long periods of time that will net me 3.5 - 4.5 extra hours per day.”

And after more research, I found out that Polyphasic sleep is considered scientifically tested, a way one could be able to squeeze out more hours in a day without the need to sleep that much, by taking more power naps in between. As described in the blog it is a useful tool to get extra waking hours in the day.

So I guess having polyphasic sleep had been how I was managing my time and sleep, a more scientific way to answer those who asked me “how do I do it?”

My schedule goes something like this: about 45mins nap while I take the transport to work, another 45 to 60mins nap during lunch, and another 45 mins nap while I take transport out of the island (I work on an island). So add that to 3 hours of sleep at night, I could almost net 6 hours a day; only just in much more and shorter phases of sleep.

P.S: Though I would still prefer to be able to get more sleep

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Video of the Month September '10

We have a total of 6 entries for VoM September, each with a chance to win $50. Let us recap the entries:

1. Video by Gary
2. Video by Chaang
3. Video by Ian tagged by Ruth
4. Video by Ruth
5. Video by Zhaoming
6. Video by Kah Hau

And the winner of VoM September goes to.......

Ruth from Astros for posting her video of their training for ATCI Partner Stunt Competition. Let's give her a round of applause

A very nice video of the progress of training for their routine. It shows the failures but also the never give up spirit. Jiayou for your Partner Stunt competition, and show them what Singapore is about. The competition is to be held this month, on 17th and 18th, please show them your encouragement and lend them your support.

And Ruth you have won yourself $50.

Thanks to all who supported.

P.S: Start of the 5th year

Blog Post of the Month September '10

The winner of BPoM September shall receive $50. And for this month, we have only 1 entry:

1. Blogged by Xinyi and tagged by Michelle

Although we have only 1 entry, let's not take away the credit they deserve as it was a very well composed post and showed everyone what cheerleading can bring to you. It was also the support given that was worth praising.

So for the winner of BPoM September we have the post by Xinyi and tagged by Michelle.

The prize of $50shall be split between the 2. Congratulations to them again.

Their Blog Post once again:
Xinyi via Michelle - Youth Olympic Games' Closing Ceremony

Well done again to Xinyi and Michelle. We hope to see more post to inspire all cheerleaders out there.

P.S: Pls contact us for the prize presentation =)

Prize Presentation for VoM August'10 Winner

The winner of Video of the Month August goes to Toh Jiahui.
Jiahui won herself $80.

P.S: Have fatih

Friday, September 3, 2010

BPoM 1st entry for September

The 1st BPoM posted by Xinyi from Legacy and tagged by Michelle aslo from Legacy. A nice blog post titled "Youth Olympic Games' Closing Ceremony" filled with lots of beautiful pictures taken during YOG closing ceremony. Youth Olympic Games Closing Ceremony is one of the biggest international stage to be able to perform in, and we are very proud to see one of our cheerleading team in Singapore, Legacy, to part of this historical event, the 1st ever YOG.

Check out the post by Xinyi and tagged by Michelle: 1st BPoM September entry or here

And today is Michelle's 21st Birthday. Let's sing her a birthday song together,

"Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Michelle
Happy Birthday to you!"

We all wish you a happy birthday and may you and your team Legacy have an amazing year. =)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

BPoM August Prize Presentation

The winner for BPoM August goes to a post by Kathleen from KR Steppers and tagged by Jiahui.

They jointly won themselves $80; Chaang contributed dollar for dollar to what X-Wonder give for our 4th year anniversary. Lets congratulate them once more.

Chaang giving out the prize cheque

$80 prize

Keep the post coming

P.S: Few days left to end of BPoM September dateline

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy teacher's day

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

~ William Arthur Ward ~

Wishing all the teachers out there a happy teacher's day, and also thank them for their hardwork, selflessness guidance and love.