Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd entry for September VoM

The 2nd video for September VoM is a video posted by Chaang and tagged by Huishan of Wildcards. The video featured Chaang's and Biyi's process of hitting their Full up. It was really persistancy that wins the day. Always remember that repetition is the king; keep doing it and the hit rate will increase with each attempt. Really great job by Biyi especially, for picking yourself up and try again after each fall; you have improved so much since the early days I met you more than 3 years back now. Good job to Chaang too, this "old man" still has it, haha. (Relatively old cause he hangs out with a team of youths. Lol.)

P.S: I knew this day would come, I really have great hopes for SG cheer.

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