Sunday, August 1, 2010

BPoM 2nd entry for August

We have the 2nd BPoM August entry, posted by Joseph.C from Genesis and tagged by their coach Ken. Though I still don't know Joseph personally, I have met cheerleaders from Genesis a couple of times on different occasions and I found them to be very nice people. Genesis is a relatively new team in SG cheerleading, and I believe that the team has a huge potential, continue to work hard, and wow SG with your routine in the next Nationals. Now with Ken and Ka Hau as coaches, Genesis can be assured to be equiped with the proper knowledge, techniques, metality, proper progession and the know hows of cheerleading.

Like Joseph said in the post, self discipline is of utmost importance in cheerleading. Alot of self improvements can be made outside of the mats, so that everyone can fully utilise the time on the mats. Proper nutrition, being punctual, pysical training are all part and parcel of being self discipline. And the post ends of with: - Together we make a difference, one voice one Genesis, we remain undivided, our hearts in harmony. -

Check out the post by Joseph C and tagged by Ken: 2nd BPoM August entry or here

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