Sunday, August 22, 2010

3rd entry for September VoM

The 3rd video for September VoM; posted by Ian from ACES and tagged by Ruth from ASTROS. Ian is the co-founder of NTU ACES and had always been instrumental in the growth and development of ACES over the past 7 years and a important factor behind ACES being 5 times Champions. Ian also played huge roles in Singapore associations and it is safe to say that without him; cheerleading in SG will definitely be a few steps backwards today. Personally, I am also very thankful to Ian for my development as a cheerleader. The video shows an elevator done by female bases. It shows the proper form and technique that is required for multiple basing; many guys' form are not as good as their's. With proper technique and form, it does not require as much strength to hit a stunt, this is efficiency.

P.S: Would love to see more videos featuring female basing in SG.

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