Thursday, August 5, 2010

4 yrs of X-Wonder

It is X-Wonder's 4 years anniversary. It is always a good time to take stock of the past year, the goals that had been set and what has been achieved.

Let's take a look at our entry on our 3rd year anniversary: Lucky number 3

Alright the targets set last year includes, Full up to Cupie, Tick Tock Stretches, Full Around to Cupie, Low Pop Overs. Of these 4, I got 3 of them, Full up to Cupie and Low Pop Over and Full Around Cupie. We did not try the tick tock stretches though, but not bad I feel, 3 out of 4 of our targets were achieved.

We also set a target to link the 4 basic elements together, Full up Liberty, Full Around Liberty, Tick Tock, Pop Over. We also managed to achieve this target, I would say I give myself 7 out of 10 points for it.

Gymnastics wise, I managed to get my dream pass since the early days of my cheer life; that is Front Handspring Round Off Back Tuck. And Snow also managed to improve on her gymnastics, such as Handstans, Round off, Standing Back Tuck, 720 twists etc.

So overall X-Wonder had a good year and achieved most of our targets. Now for next year - Stunt wise our goal will be to get our Rewinds and Front Handsprings and also Cupie Full Around Cupie. And then now, we aim to link up the targets set for last year into a mini sequence; Full up Cupie to Hands Full Around Cupie to Low Pop Over.

Other than stunts wise, X-Wonder has also started a few things in the past year. X-Wonder started the Video of the Month contest (VoM) and in 5 months to date has so far received a total of 27 video entries and given out a total of $330. X-Wonder is also proud to be the official partner of Blog Post of the Month contest (BPoM), sponsored by Chaang, which to date has a total of 8 Blog Post entries and given out a total of $230. We have also started coaching a team and imparting our experience to the future generations. And of course last but not least, X-Wonder also Co-Founded our affiliate Team ASTROS with 8 other passionate cheerleaders. ASTROS formation allowed many to continue to cheer after "retirement" and also as a team continue to push the limits of cheerleading to a higher level.

Competition and awards that X-Wonder got the chance to be part of was to represent Singapore to compete in the Group Stunt Category on Cheerleading World Championship (CWC) 2009 in Germany, Bremen; and we came in 2nd runner up. X-Wonder also got new certification in judging; the ICU Level 1 and 2 Judging Certification.

X-Wonder hopes to continue the year ahead to promote and drive cheerleading to even more cheerleaders and people from all the different corners of Singapore.

We shall end off with a little video taken at Marina Barrage; such are the little joys of cheerleading, to have a skill that you can take to places and keep them as part of your memories forever.

P.S: Cheerleading had indeed given us a great deal of opportunities, more than we can ever imagined at the beginning. We want everyone to have that as well.

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