Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lucky number 3

In a flash, its 5th of August again, it is now 3 years. (The first 2 years can be sumed up here: So back then, our 2nd year of journey ended with experimenting with Tick tocks, Pop overs etc. Now 1 more year into it, we finally could do it all; what I considered the 4 basic elements of partner stunting - Full ups, Tick Tocks, Full Arounds, Pop Overs.

It seems the higher we climb, the harder it is to move even higher, but nevertheless we will do it. Some targets that we set for the new year ahead; they still revolve around the 4 basic elements, just variations of it, such as Full up to Cupie, Tick Tock Stretches, Full Around to Cupie, Low Pop Overs. At the same time, we aim to master and link up the 4 basic elements together and do it all in one go. Ok enough of goal setting, it is time to let actions speak louder. Jiayou!

Past... An old video of the first 2 years of journey:

Present... Video of the 4 basic elements of stunting we achieved in the past 1 year:

Future... Video of what we aim to achieve; how we want to link the 4 basic elements together:

P.S: I was right when I said last year that we are going to see many more tick tocks and pop overs in less than 2 years.

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