Thursday, August 5, 2010

1st entry for September VoM

The 1st video for VoM September. This is a video uploaded and tagged by Gary from Wildcards. Everyone who had been in cheer for a while would definitely know about Gary. This man is tall, big and strong. His attitude towards cheer is always of excellence, always playing the game to win. Cupie Liberty Low Tick Tock is something very new and I never seen done in SG before. It requires great strength and technique from the base and also great locking from the flyer. Very well done. I have seen Gary grown (in terms of skills, not size) over the past 2 years, from not being allowed to try cupie by Chaang; to doing Rewinds, Fullups, Single arm stunts etc. Gary is definitely right up there in SG Partner Stunting. A few words for Perle as well, the flyer doing the stunt with Gary in the video: Make full use of your natural talent, work hard and always be confident and smiling, you will be a great flyer. Let's enjoy the video.

P.S: Gary upload more of your "sick skills" soon.

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