Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Post of the Month August '10

For BPoM August, the 2nd month we are announcing the winner, we have a total of 3 entries. And for this month, as X-Wonder is having a special promotion for it's 4th anniversary; Chaang said he will still give dollar for dollar to VoM for BPoM, which means the winner for August BPoM will also receive $80. Now let us recap the entries:

1. Blogged by Yiqian
2. Blogged by Joseph.C and tagged by Ken
3. Blogged by Kathleen and tagged by Jiahui

Thanks to all the participants of BPoM contest, your posts had really been very nice readings for everyone. And now for the winner of BPoM August we have...

The post by Kathleen and tagged by Jiahui. Let's congratulate them. The 2 of them shall split the winning prize of $80. Another round of applause to them.

Their Blog Post once again:

Kathleen via Jiahui - Being a KR Stepper

And we have Chaang to give his comments himself for this month for the winning entry:

"Failed partner stunts, correct technique… as much as these things matter now, these aren’t the things we take away in the end. These aren’t the things we remember at the end of the day.I remember the encouragement my friends gave me. I remember the times they showed me they loved me. I remember how we fought together and how we helped each other.

This entry is very genuine, very sincere, and truly comes from the heart. Many cheerleaders I know have lost sight of why they started cheerleading in the first place. When the going gets tough, they blame everyone, expect everything and do things that deviate from their original goal (refer to KR's slogan). They lost their own cheerleading in the process.

Kat is both an inspiration to both her team, and herself. But besides painting a rosy picture of love and care, she continues to keep things real as well.

This year, we have really high goals. It looks impossible, it’s so daunting, and all of us are scared. All of us are demoralized. We don’t seem to be progressing. The morale is low and all of us don’t believe in the amazing things we have planned. Tough times. There are tenthousand things we have to go up against.

As we continue our cheerleading journey, it is inevitable that we will fall. Some ppl pick themselves up after they fall. Some ppl choose to remain as a sad story after they fall. But there are some ppl who will feel the pain, yet continue to move on. Because they they remembered what they were cheering for.

Kat has effectively translated what is inspiring to her, in terms of what is inspiring to others.

Overall a blog post very well done!"

Congratulations once again to Kathleen and Jiahui. and also to all for the participation. Please continue to support, it is not that hard right?

P.S: Pls contact us for the prize presentation =)

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