Monday, September 13, 2010

BPoM 2nd entry for October

The 2nd BPoM October is by Veronica. I first knew Veronica, or Veron in short as they called her, from Spectrum. It is really nice to see Veron playing a part in promoting cheerleading in SG cheer scene, to raise the awareness in a friendly and informal way as she puts it. A little abstract below:

Why go?(NTU Hall 5 Cheer Clinic)

How often do you get the chance to try cheerleading without any experience in anything? Almost ZERO. It’s something new, it’s something fun. And definitely an ego-booster for guys. What’s holding up weights compared to holding up girls? For girls, the view up there is definitely different from ground level, something your 3 inch high heels won’t achieve, trust me. No matter what words that I am using now would never better explain than joining our cheer clinic and experiencing the thrill yourself. Don’t wait, pick up your phone now and contact us! We look forward to see you at our cheer clinic. :]

So if you guys out there want to do something that you have not done in the past 18-22 years of your life, please go have a try out at NTU Hall 5 Cheer Clinic. Like it says,"Life’s too short to hesitate, just go for it."

Check out the post by Veronica: 2nd BPoM October entry or here

P.S: Let's help bring cheerleading to every nook and cranny in Sinagpore

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