Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Post of the Month September '10

The winner of BPoM September shall receive $50. And for this month, we have only 1 entry:

1. Blogged by Xinyi and tagged by Michelle

Although we have only 1 entry, let's not take away the credit they deserve as it was a very well composed post and showed everyone what cheerleading can bring to you. It was also the support given that was worth praising.

So for the winner of BPoM September we have the post by Xinyi and tagged by Michelle.

The prize of $50shall be split between the 2. Congratulations to them again.

Their Blog Post once again:
Xinyi via Michelle - Youth Olympic Games' Closing Ceremony

Well done again to Xinyi and Michelle. We hope to see more post to inspire all cheerleaders out there.

P.S: Pls contact us for the prize presentation =)

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