Thursday, October 27, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for November'11

2nd Blog Post of the Month November is a post by Li Jing from Alpha Verve and tagged by Chew Long. This is probably one of the first few email speech from Li Jing addressing to Alpha as a captain. Again this email had been re-published onto Alpha blog so that it can be shared with everyone.

The speech starts off by encouraging everyone in Alpha to take part in Sports Award Performance, the benefits that a performance can bring to them. Then it continues to present the reality of cheerleading, that cheerleading is not only about having fun and being happy all the time, but it is in fact also a very tough sport. And at the end of the day, we all train for a target which is the Nationals. If you want to be good in cheerleading, heavy commitment is required. If you commit to cheerleading enough, cheerleading will also commit to you and make you a better cheerleader.

Just short excerpt from the post:

"Honestly speaking, cheerleading is a tough sports. It is not always about hitting the stunts and making yourselves happy. More importantly, it is about how you are going to adjust and cheer yourselves and your teammates up when the stunts keep failing, and in the end, hit them. This fighting spirit makes cheerleading so fun and enjoyable." - Li Jing

And also mentioned in the post are the welfare and encouragment packages implemented by the team. I feel this is also very important aspect for every cheerleading team. It is not always only about the sport itself, but also about the interaction of people and the welfare and support for everyone.

Check out the post by Li Jing and tagged by Chew Long: 2nd BPoM November entry or here

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