Monday, May 23, 2011

BPoM 1st entry for June'11

The 1st entry of BPOM June is by Sky and Elizabeth, and tagged by Ochi. Titled "*♥Our Love Story♥*", a very sweet and touching post to read. Another pair of cheerleading couple in Singapore to be getting married, and I believe they are also 1 of the longest pair too, starting in 2001 (I wasn't even in cheer yet then). Though most of the post was about the 2 of them and nothing much about cheerleading, I feel that they are very good example and testament for all cheerleading couples out there; how they withstood the test of time and hardships

"This relationship may be nice and sweet just by reading it but there were a lot of barriers and obstacles that both of them went through and it is really not easy to maintain a relationship without communication and understanding with each other. They got closer and became more understanding and loving after every argument they had. Until now, after being together since 2001, their love for each other have become deeper and still on going..." - Sky and Elizabeth

Check out the post by Sky and Elizabeth: 1st BPoM June entry or here

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