Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blog Post of the Month January '12

For BPoM January we have a total of 8 entries and they are:

1. Blogged by Andrew and tagged by Ochi
2. Blogged by Gary and tagged by Ochi
3. Blogged by MrsPotato and tagged by Ochi
4. Blogged by Yvonne and tagged by Ochi
5. Blogged by IloveCheerleading and tagged by Ochi
6. Blogged by Jaslyn and tagged by Ochi
7. Blogged by FCS and tagged by Ochi
8. Blogged by Ser Kun and tagged by Tze Swen

The winner for BPoM Jan'12 goes to the post titled,"One Big Family", written by HSer Kun and tagged by Tze Swen! As there are no entries for Dec'11 BPoM, the prize was rolled over to this month. Congratulations, you have won yourselves the prize of $100.

Ser Kun's Blog Post: One Big Family

Comments by Chaang:

"A very original and heartwarming entry that brings us behind the scenes of what makes a cheerleading team truly successful. Ser Kun has shown that life is indeed about choices; and the choice to make sacrifices by not just one, but by many individuals within a team that will ultimately contribute to a team where one can truly identify and associate themselves with.

人在做,天在看. When there is a genuine intention to make individual sacrifices to contribute to a common cause, you will feel it. Your team mates will feel it. It is precisely with this type of sacrifices that will make trainings meaningful. And yes, good morale can make or break a routine.

PS: If you are an individual guilty of skipping trainings when it is within your means not to, be reminded that such incidences will be back to haunt you eventually. You need to remember that you exist because of the team. The team does not exist because of you.


Congratulations once again to Ser Kun and Tze Swen for winning $100

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