Tuesday, January 3, 2012

BPoM 8th entry for January'12

The 8th entry of BPOM January is by Ser Kun and tagged by Tze Swen, both from NTU Hall 5 Vikings, for the post, "One Big Family". This is a post by Ser Kun sharing with us a few little incidents which makes him feel of "One Big Family"

Ser Kun is able to remember and related to even the smallest of details during training or after training. The encouragement given to him by his team mates, the exercises they did together and even small things like shifting the tables.

Shall end with a little something from Ser Kun to his team mates and one big family:

"=) it is really very heartwarming to be in such a big family in team Vikings…where everyone encourages everyone and works with everyone for everyone… hah thanks so much to everyone that has helped me in one way or another…


let’s continue to jiayous and work our best for the upcoming HO!!! We can do it!!! We can do it!!! We can do it!!!

Thanks Vikings Senior Mentor Chris and Lina for coming back to train us despite your busy work schedules too!!! =)"

Ser Kun

Check out Ser Kun's post below.

Check out the post by Ser Kun and tagged by Tze Swen: 8th BPoM January entry or here

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