Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Post of the Month April '11

We have a total of 3 entries for BPoM April and they are:

1. Blogged by Felicia and tagged by Jen
2. Blogged by Jaime and tagged by Jay
3. Blogged by Nellie and tagged by Huishan

As Nationals 2011 was just over few weeks back, all the post were about nationals. For this month, it is also the 1 year anniversary since VoM was introduced, to commemorate the the occassion, special prizes totalling $200 was given out. As BPoM is a partner initiative with VoM, Chaang is awarding prizes dollar for dollar of VoM. So this month, the winner of BPoM April'11 will stand to walk away with $200.

So with such a great prize, everyone should be excited about who the winner will go to right? And the winner of BPoM April'11 goes to.... The post by Nellie (tagged by Huishan)"THANK YOU EVERYONE ♥". Congratulations Nellie for the wonderful post and Huishan for tagging, you have won yourselves the total prize of $200.

Nellie's Blog Post: THANK YOU EVERYONE ♥

Wonderful post by Nellie on Nationals and also her 6 years of cheerleading career. Lots of effort put into it too. It is a reminder for all cheerleaders to be grateful for what they have gotten out of cheerleading so far.

Comments by Chaang:

"Nellie has definitely put in a lot of effort in this particular entry.
She has endeavored to thank every single individual that has helped
shaped her cheer career for the past 5+ years, and has also shared with
all cheerleaders that when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.
Cheerleading is a sport that requires sacrifice. And it is with that
sacrifice that we learn to treasure everybody and everything that has
made who we are possible!

I am very proud to be Nellie's coach for the past 5 years. ^^


Congratulations once again Nellie and Huishan, see you soon to get your prize. =)

P.S: Thanks for everyone's support and pls continue to support BPoM and VoM. From time to time, prizes will go up again in future, so be sure not to miss it.

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