Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Video of the Month April '11

VoM's 1st anniversary and also video of the Month April'11, we 10 entries. And they are:

1. Video by Ruth
2. Video by Kerry
3. Video by Felicia
4. Video by Kerry and tagged by Jiahui
5. Video by Karen and tagged by Jay
6. Video by Vincent and tagged by Yvonne
7. Video by Wenjie and tagged by Harlis
8. Video by Perle
9. Video by Perle
10. Video by Perle and tagged by Ochi

10 entries in all, a record for VoM, the most entries to date so far. Such a feat is so fitting for this month; This month, April, is also the 1 year anniverary of VoM. Time has past so quickly and 1 year ago, we gave out our first prizes, VoM is now 1 years old. I sincerely thank everyone who had supported VoM for our inaugural year, where a total of 66 entries and $718. had been given out in total. And to add to that total, celebrating VoM's 1 year anniversary, we have decided to give out "special prizes" this month.

So what's the special prizes? This month, other the the winner, we decided to give out 3 more prizes (just like last year during our first month) in no order of merit. So how much? Winner will win $80 and the 3 other prizes of $40 each for a total of $200 this month.

I am very glad that we got so many entries this month, even without announcing the "special prizes" give away in the beginning. Thanks for all the support and please continue to support; and as I promised in the beginning, prizes will go up anytime without notice. With 10 entries this month, and so many awesome ones, I am having a real headache to decide the winner. Only after watching the videos over and over again, that I can finally came to a conclusion. So the winner of the VoM April'11, on our 1st year anniversay, for the prize of $80 goes to.......

The video by Vincent (tagged by Yvonne) on their group stunt journey to SNCC 2011.

This video showed how they hard trained, how they overcome lack of venue, and even mixed their own music and made their own uniforms. They do not even have a coach to teach them and help them give countings that they had to record their own voice. It really sums up how their passion for cheer, desire to compete overcomes everything. Compared to establised teams in cheerleading, Vincent and friends had no funding, no resources, no coach, no venue; I know how important those are, and for them to do it without those, is really no easy feat. It was really hard to come up with the winner for VoM this month, and you guys deserved it. Hope that it can be a small motivation to all of you, keep cheering.

Vincent and Yvonne you won yourselves $80.

Alright now it is also time to announce our 3 other special prizes, in no order of merit. This being the 1st year anniversary of VoM, and also not only with the number of entries, but also the quality of the entries, I decided to increase the total amount of prizes for this month. I really had a long and hard time deciding on the winner, but I also want to reward the others for putting in so much effort as they are all very well done, so I increased the number of prizes for this month.

Again in no order of merit, the 3 winners for the special prizes are:

Firstly Felicia from Wildcards for this video on Wildcards SNCC 2011 journey.

Once again, a very heart touching video of Wildcards, detailing the sweat, blood and tears along the way to SNCC 2011. Congrats to Felicia once again and you won yourself $40.

For the next $40 it goes to the video posted by Karen (tagged by Jay) from Legacy for their video.

Another 1 of the video showing the road to SNCC 2011. What I liked most about this video is some of the effects used in it (like the fast forwarding effect), the way parts of the video was filmed (the lip sycning to the song). Congrats to Karen and Jay and you won yourselves $40.

And for the last winner of the special prize, it goes to Wenjie (tagged by Harlis) for their video detailing Denvers journey and also as a promotional video for their recruitment drive for the upcoming seasion.

Denvers Cheerleading Team, the only open category team to joined both SNCC and SEACO, and the video depicts down the journey wonderfully with sniplets of training and also of the competition. With this, it sums up VoM April'11 and also brings a sort of a closure to Nationals 2011 and everyone let's work hard for 2012. Congrats to Wenjie and Harlis and you won yourselves $40.

A big round of applause to everyone, everyone who submitted the entries and also to the winners, not only this month, but for the entire year of support. Do continue to support VoM and contribute to SG cheer.

P.S: VoM 1st year anniversary, April'11 is a great day to remember and it is not possible without everyone's support.

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