Monday, April 5, 2010

Video of the Month April '10

It is 05 April, 44th month since the formation of X-Wonder, and also the day to announce the first ever winner for our Video of the Month Challenge. A total of 6 videos were entered for the challenge. They were all good video in their own way. We have videos ranging from inspirational, motivating, emotional, hysterical, etc. Now let us recap the entries:

1. Video by Kahau
2. Video by Ken
3. Video by Jay
4. Video by Ochi
5. Video by Weihan
6. Video by Kahau

It took us a while to come up with the winner, it was tough and we almost wanted to give a tie for the champion (again). Haha. But nah, we are not going to do that to you guys again. So without further a do, the winner for the first ever Video of the Month Challenge goes to *Drum rolls*.......

The winning video is posted and Tagged by Ken from Wildcards!!

This video shows team work, hard work during training, and also team spirit and bonding off the mats. The video also featured many great skills and stunts that will serve as a reference for many people in future. The music and clips selection made it very interesting to watch too. 1 thing that I like personally about this video is the fact that they released this video, with clips showing what they are going to do for Nationals, a couple of days before the competition. I do not believe any other teams did this, and this shows their confidence level and readiness for the competition.

Congratulations once again to Ken, you have won yourself $50.

Alright, now some may be asking what about the other $50 which was not given out as Ken's entry was made after 14 March (after the early bird promotion)?

Ok. I thought about bringing forward the extra $50 to the next month, but upon further deliberation and taking into consideration of the good videos and support this first month, we have decided to give away 2 more special prizes of $25 each today.

The next special prize we have decided to give is to Jay from Legacy for this video.

We wanted to give this prize as the video is very encouraging and motivating. It shows the never say die attitude everyone in cheerleading should possess. We especially love the effect of the transition from video to still shots of the basket toss and also some slow motion effects in the video. Congrats to Jay for posting the video.

We decide to give the next $25 to the video posted by Weihan from Gusto for his video.

You can considered this as a special prize for "Best New Comer". At only 17, Weihan has shown to everyone that age is not an obstacle and everyone can do it too if they want it. We loved the way you arranged and presented the video as well. Congrats to Weihan once again.

Alright a final round of applause to everyone, not only the winners but everyone who posted and took part in the Video of the Month challenge. Hope everyone will continue to post their videos and remember to tag me in it. =)

P.S: Winners please contact me or I will contact you regarding the presentation of the prizes.

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