Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Prize Presentation to the Winners

The winners of Video of the Month April had been announced earlier, and we proceeded with the presentation of the prizes to our winners.

Firstly I took the time and went down to Singapore Poly to meet up with Weihan after his training to hand him his award for the Special Prize. He won himself $25 for his efforts in putting together his video...

Prize Presentation

Then Weihan realised that his hair is messy so he put on a cap and took the photo again

Weihan with his prize

Prize of $25 in Cheque

Next I move on to Ulu Pandan C.C to join Wildcards for training and presented The Video of the Month 1st Prize to our winner Ken. He got himself $50, congratulations again.

Prize Presentation

Close up shot

Ken holding the prize with his happy and satisfied look

They decided to take down a video of the presentation and Ken's thank you speech too. (Video too long so I edited it)

Once again I thank all of the participants for their support and playing their part in making SG cheer a livelier place.

P.S: Not forgetting another winner this month Jay. Will pass you yours soon...

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