Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thank you Xuewei


Actually I wanted to thank you in the previous long post on Alpha, but I think it is more fitting of me to dedicate a post by itself to you. Of everyone I thank for helping me out in my 1st year together with Alpha, you are the only 1 that I can never thank enough of.

Thanks for coaching together with me and helping me out when I am not around. Thank you for the late nights you had to put in while doing so and still had to wake up early in the morning for work. Thank you for sacrificing our weekends afternoons for going out and watched videos with me and planning for Alpha routine instead. Thank you for going through tons of videos taken during training and analysing them with me to come up with the timings and how to improve on it. Thank you for being there to remind me whenever I lose sight of the bigger picture. Thank you for always being my "opposition" so that I can be much more sure of my ideas and plans. Thank you for just being by my side even when things go wrong. Thank you for all the advice and suggestions you helped me come up with. And I probably can never thank you enough for me.

For Alpha, I also thank you for everything that you have given to Alpha, the tips, advice and motivation you gave to the team, the inspiration you gave to the flyers and the push you gave to the bases. Thank you for sharing your experiences with them. And I thank you for helping out Alpha in times of crisis and needs. On behalf of Alpha, I thank you too for so readily agreeing to be their replacement flyer with less than 2 hours notice, even though at the end it was not required. You are more than a coach to Alpha, you are their friend and someone they can rely on in difficult times.

Xuewei, you are truely an exceptional flyer, and even to date, after not training competitively for more than 3 years. Till now, it still amazes me how you go up to the mats, performed in place of Alice, and makes it felt like you had been doing that role for a long time, even though you only had half an hour to go through the stunts and timings. It was the first time you even attempted some of the stunts like toss up trophy and swedish falls to gladiator transition. You really left me in awe and totally impressed as I watch you doing the routine. You simply captivated the crowd; they were cheering you on so loudly and you even left some people in tears from that performance. I can uderstand a base going out to replace someone in the last minute, but it definitely takes some guts and confidence for a flyer to do that. And then having to learn the dance in an hour, simply respect. Watching you trained so hard and non stop dancing for an hour almost made my eyes well up in tears. For that I really owe it to you.

We have some pictures to remember the amazing performance you put up, a pity there is no video of that performance.

Never in the history of Singapore cheerleading since I started cheering, did I witness something like this - a flyer coming up to replace another in such short notice and totally captivated the crowd. You created history again even when you did not intend to. You are truely forever a legend of Singapore cheerleading. Thank you so much.

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