Sunday, April 17, 2011

Guest Blogger

As I move on in my life, there are more and more things I need to handle and deal with. But time remains at 24hrs each day, as a result, I get more and more things to do in "less and less time".

That is why I had been blogging much less nowadays, or I will wait till I am more free to blog and usually posting up a few post at a time when I am free. It is not easy for me to maintain X-Wonder blog on a daily basis now.

Therefore to counter this and bring more activity to the blog, I came up with an idea - Why not invite more contributors to post on the blog? I believe this blog can become a platform, or even a "forum" of some sorts. Interested cheerleaders might want to leverage on it and share their ideas to others.

Now, after some discussions, let us welcome Ken Lim from Wildcards to be our first guest contributor of X-Wonder blog. From today onwards, other than myself and Snow, you will also be seeing Ken posting on this website. I hope that by doing so there can be more activity on this site, and also to allow even more sharing and discussion to everyone in the cheerleading community.

P.S: If anyone is interested to be a contributor on this site, feel free to contact me and we can discuss about it.

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