Monday, April 11, 2011

Singapore’s Cheerleading National Team

We are finally going to have our very own Singapore National Team under FCS. It took great efforts on FCS part, sorting out and overcoming all the diffculties such as funding, venue and coaches. And I am really very excited about it.

Singapore cheerleading has definitely grown over the past few years, standards rising every year and we are seeing more and more cheerleaders joining the sport as well. However that is just locally, and I believe that if we can gather all the best cheerleaders in Singapore to form the national team, we can do very well on the international level as well.

Singapore definitely has what it takes to give the regional power houses like Japan, Taiwan, Thailand etc a good run for their money if we have the support and contribution of every cheerleader and their teams. Imagine a routine that is on par with the routines that the power houses had been showing to us over the past years. Those routines are definitely within our means if we can pull our strengths and resources together.

Representing your country is an honour and a huge privilege, to show the world the best Singapore can offer and also to compete with the best in the world. Definitely the road might not be easy, sacrifices had to be made, which all cheerleaders should have been well aware of by now. Singapore National team is a new initiative and we might not fully know all the difficulties it may face, what difficulties a player may face, such as time management of individuals from all walks of lives and also other logistical issues and funding issues. However all these can be overcome together, as you overcome the problems your team faces in the past, as long as we all take the first step out of our comfort zone, be willing to sacrifice for Singapore cheerleading, no problem is too big to handle.

I sincerely hope that every cheerleader and teams out there to support Team Singapore Cheerleading all the way. Firstly for those who meet the tryout criteria for the national team, I urge you all to attend the tryouts conducted by FCS this weekend. There is no need to think too much of whatever problems or difficulties you may face in future first if you do not even take the first step out, which is to go for the tryouts. Do not worry about your skills too, often people are better than how they would see themselves to be, let the coaches decide. Go for the tryout first, take 1 step at a time. A journey always starts with the first step. When presented with something new, winners always think of the opportunities and losers think only of the difficulties.

The day I am waiting for is finally coming soon, let's all show the world what Singapore cheerleading can be.

P.S: For more details about the national team and criteria pls check FCS website

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