Friday, March 25, 2011

6th entry for April VoM

We have the 6th entry, video posted by Vincent Yeo and tagged by Yvonne. The video is on team Awe-stars, the 2nd runner up for SNCC group stunts mixed. It shows the trainings that they had gone through and something most notable was the number of different places which they trained at, from outside lecture halls to beside the carpark to indoor sports hall, and also regardless of day time or night time. From the video you can also tell that they do not have a proper coach and even had to record their own timings. They also had not much help and even had to spot themselves most times even when running the full routine.

Most players only have to focus on their training, but for Awe-stars, they had to design, make their own uniforms and mix their own music. After watching this video I really appreciate the times I was still a player, I only had to focus on the routine training and nothing else. Well I guess the journey that Awe-stars took and the effort of doing everything themselves really paid off in the end (got themselves a medal placing); and even if had they not get a medal, it is the journey that they can always remember and be proud of. And everyone is happy.

P.S: Do not be envious of others; others may have better resources and facilities, but we have that somethings that others will never experience ever.

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