Saturday, March 5, 2011

Blog Post of the Month March '11

This month we a total of 4 entries for BPoM March and they are:

1. Blogged by Vincent
2. Blogged by Stanley
3. Blogged by Hann Bin
4. Blogged by Winston and tagged by Hann Bin

NTU HO Cheerleading was over last month, hence there was a special promotion for BPoM to encourage people to blog about HO and their experiences. Earlier,it was not mentioned what's the extra one can get for winning with an entry on HO, but we still received 2 post related to NTU HO anyway. Ok, the extra for blogging and winning with a post on HO will stand to win 20% more. Meaning to say, and extra 20% of $50 for a total of $60. Alright so who is the lucky winner this month? And the winner for BPoM March goes to...

The post by Stanley on "Looking back on NTU Hall Olympiad Opening 2011". Congratulations Stanley, and for blogging on NTU HO and winning, you have won yourself the total prize of $60.

Stanley's Blog Post: Looking back on NTU Hall Olympiad Opening 2011

Nice post by Stanley on NTU HO. Cheerleading can help in character building and as long as we are still in it, we constantly learn something new, or discover something about ourselves. There are still many things to learn about cheerleading and together we will create a better future for cheerleading.

Comments by Chaang:

Stan writes with 4 years of experience from both NTU HO and external National level competitions. He has chose to touch on a very controversial topic on how rising cheerleading standards can be a double edged sword and has also pointed out on some areas that should be improved on by the organizers of this event.

Whist there are areas that Stan does not agree, he contributes ideas and alternatives which can improve the situation. I personally think that this is very crucial for cheerleading to grow in Singapore. For many years we have ''keyboard warriors'' who like to play people's suggestion down for their sole comfort and satisfaction. Stan braved such criticisms and handled objections in a professional and logical way. Most importantly, he is firm enough and took his own stand.

NTU HO remains as the biggest competition in our industry with 16 local teams competing within the same category. For cheerleading in Singapore to grow, we must continue to develop this crucial piece of the parcel as well.


Congratulations once again Stanley, and you will be hearing from us soon on how to receive your prize.

P.S: NTU HO was just over for less than a month, and Singapore National Cheerleading Competition (SNCC) is just around the corner. What an exciting year for cheerleading we had so far.

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