Sunday, February 6, 2011

BPoM 1st entry for March

I really hate to be posting up the entries so late these days. Arghh! Anyway the 1st entry of BPOM March is a little special; a post on Spectrum blog by Ah Fu (I assume is the Captain CF?) but the post is a message by their coach Vincent. And then BPoM entry is made by Vincent himself by tagging me. I guess should be Vincent asked it to be posted on Spectrum's blog on his behalf. So if the entry wins, you all go sort out the prize yourselves k. haha.

Ok the post a "Message from Vincent" is a message from Vincent (duh obviously, haha), also the coach of Team Spectrum; a sort of wrap up message to them just before their HO performance. A very heart warming and inspirational speech by Vincent. I believe that it is every coaches role, not only train the skills required for the routine, but also to motivate and encourage, to bring the members morale up. Vincent has indeed done a fantastic job as Spectrum's coach.

"I see it more as understanding each other’s strengths and weakness, accepting it and helping each other fill up the short-falls. It is also about backing each other to push for greater heights. Encouraging your team to persevere, to weather shit together." - Vincent

Check out the post by Vincent: 1st BPoM March entry or here

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