Thursday, February 17, 2011

BPoM 2nd entry for March

The 2nd BPoM October by Stanley from Team Seven of NTU Hall 7. Stanley talks about his 4 years of cheerleading in NTU HO with Hall 7. For each year, Stanley noticed the rise in standards, hitting higher level stunts. However Stanley feels that the ever rising standards is also a double edged sword, with the greater possibility and risk of getting injured. It was highlighted in the post his opinion of the difference between "theme cheerleading" and "cheerleading cheerleading"; their pros and cons and how each affects the safety of the competition in general.

Stanley also talked about how cheerleading have helped mould himself and his team. Here are some of the qualities learnt through the journey:

1) Trust - without the trust of every individuals, we will not be able to hit high level stunts.I personally will like to praise the flyers and mid-tiers for all the trust they had given to the bases and believing that we will catch them no matter what happen.

2) Determination - It has not been a smooth ride to the competition from the starts and we certainly encountered alot of obstacles along the way, i.e stunts failed, injuries, personal commitment, but the team had shown great determination in overcome the challenges and obstacles.

3) Courage & Bravery - The flyers shows tremendous courage in their willingness to try difficult stunts despite being in mid-air and also the bases which shows tremendous bravery in catching the flyers no matter how they dismount from the stunts.

4) Belief - To have the belief that you can achieved when all odds are against you. To believe in the coaches, seniors, juniors and everyone around you. Tell yourself, you can do it. Do it with no regrets.


I have to agree totally with Stanley about what cheerleading can bring to a person in terms of character building. At every phrase of cheerleading, we always learnt something new, or discover something about ourselves we did not noticed before. I believe cheerleading as a whole in SG is very young, and even younger in NTU context, therefore there are still many things to learn, by the committee, the players, the coaches, the judges and everyone involved. Let's take every year as a stepping stone and build towards a brighter future for cheerleading together.

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