Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video of the Month February '11

This month we are having the CNY VoM Special, where the winner will receive a prize of $88. We have 2 entries for VoM February. And let's recap:

1. Video by Wenjie
2. Video by Jayson tagged by Ochi

So the winner of the VoM February goes to.......

Wenjie for his video on NTU Hall 16 Team Xtreme. Wenjie will be walking away with a prize of $88.

A video showing Team Xtreme in action, some of the stunts that they done for NTU HO 2011. I really love such videos, showing the confidence the team has right before the competition. Cheerleading is never only about the results. The process is always more important and forms the biggest part of your memories and builds the strongest bonds between team mates. Congratulations to Wenjie once again for doing up a wonderful video for Team Xtreme.

P.S: Hope to see some really interesting videos for March VoM.

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