Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BPoM 4th entry for February

The 4th entry of BPOM February is by Chew Long from Alpha Verve, for her post on Alpha Verve Blog, "Keep holding on.. (:". This is the first time Chew Long is taking part in BPoM and she started it off with a very well written post, full of many of her self experiences and motivation to team mates. The post may be written for her teammates, but there are many lessons to be taken away by everyone too.

The post really touched me deep after reading it. There are too much goodness in the post and if I tried to summarise it, I would probably have to retype the entire entry; so everyone please take some time to read it and digest it for yourselves. I shall just end off with my favourite quote of the post:

And though at times it may seem too difficult to continue, hold on to your dreams. One morning you will wake up to find that you are the person you dreamed of, doing what you wanted to do, simply because you had the courage to believe in your potential and hold on to your dreams. (:

Check out the post by Chew Long: 4th BPoM February entry or here

P.S: Jiayou for Nationals everyone.

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